Heisei 30 September regular meeting general questions

Published 2018 years 11 month 21 Date

Last updated 2018 years 11 month 21 Date

We will inform you about the general time and general time in the order of remarks for general questions to be held on 12 7th (Friday).

Order of remarks
Notification time

Representative name
scheduled time

Question matters Answer
1 Watanabe Hisato (1) Situation of deployment of shelter management and stockpile items The mayor
60 points 9: 00 ~ 10: 00 (2) Efforts and verification of the Nagato-machi basic residents ordinance
Break (10 minutes)
2 Seiji Miyazawa (1) Present state and future image of physical education facilities The mayor
50 points 10: 10 ~ 11: 00 (2) About the idea of ​​the town against 'rehabilitation' Superintendent of schools
Break (10 minutes)
3 Keiichi Sato (1) Operational status after the enforcement of the basic self-government ordinance of Nagato Town 18 Article (Resident meeting for promoting collaboration etc) The mayor
60 points 11: 10 ~ 12: 10 (2) How to improve library services Promotion of measures concerning promotion of child reading activities
    (3) Judgment criteria for evacuation preparation information, etc., transmission method and contents of transmission Voluntary disaster prevention organization establishment does not progress reason and countermeasure etc.
Lunch (50 minutes)
4 Morita Komei (1) Promotion Project for Road Station Area Revitalization Project The mayor
60 points 13: 00 ~ 14: 00
Break (10 minutes)
5 Tanuku Mitsuko (1) Nagato-machi Road Station (Stations of Queen Mary Road) About Area Activation Project The mayor
50 points 14: 10 ~ 15: 00 (2) Air conditioner installation of elementary school, junior high school, nursery school
(3) About Yoda Kuboku Hospital

(Remark order)

  • Regarding time, it will be changed depending on the length of question time of each lawmaker
  • Just fill in the address and name, you can listen anytime during the meeting, so please go to the Nagato-cho venue. There are restrictions on the number of people who can listen.


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