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Nagatacho Town Disabled Basic Plan (No. 2 Next) · Chagowa Town Disabled Welfare Plan (5 Period) · Chagowa Town Disabled Child Welfare Plan (1 Period)

Published 2018 years 09 month 05 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 05 Date

Cover page for basic persons with disabilities In order to realize a society in which people with disabilities coexist while respecting each other's personality and individuality, without being separated by the presence or absence of disabilities, the national and prefectural governments comprehensively implement measures to support the independence and social participation of persons with disabilities. In order to promote it systematically, the "Basic Plan for Persons with Disabilities" and "Plan for Persons with Disabilities in Nagano Prefecture" have been formulated.
 In addition, in August 28, the "Law for Partial Revision of the Developmental Disability Support Law" was enforced to promote the enhancement of support for people with developmental disabilities and "Comprehensive daily life and social life of persons with disabilities." In April 8, the "Law for Supporting Children and the Law for Partial Revision of the Child Welfare Act" was enforced to enhance community life support for persons with disabilities and respond to diversifying needs for support for children with disabilities. We are going to promote it.
 Regarding the welfare of persons with disabilities in Nagawa Town, we have formulated the "Nagawa Town Basic Plan for Persons with Disabilities" and the "Nagawa Town Disability Welfare Plan" and have endeavored to promote the diversification of welfare for persons with disabilities.
 This plan will be reviewed from the final year of the current plan in 29, and from 30 to 35, in order for each townsman to aim for a symbiotic society regardless of disabilities. As a new planning period, we will formulate a plan to support the independence and social participation of people with disabilities, and newly formulate by amending the "Nagawa Town Disability Welfare Plan (5th term)" and the Child Welfare Law. The mandatory "Nagawa Town Welfare Plan for Children with Disabilities (Phase 1)" will also be formulated in an integrated manner to promote comprehensive, systematic and efficient promotion of welfare measures for people with disabilities.

Basic plan of the disabled (next 2) · Disability welfare plan (5 term) · Welfare plan for the disabled child (1 term) [PDF: 3MB]

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