Holding records of Nagatomachi Public Transportation Council

Published 2019 years 03 month 01 Date

Last updated 2019 years 03 month 28 Date

State of the public transportation council held

Today, in Nagatomachi, it is the situation that over 100 million yen / year is spent on public transportation business such as tour bus, school bus, nursery school bus etc. annually.

Together with the school, kindergarten bus of children to firmly secure, NAGAWA public transportation Council to discuss a new public transportation also can respond to license Return of elderly demand transportation to meet the needs of the townspeople It is held.

Deliberation committee, Nagawa town council chairman, Parliamentary Affairs Economic standing committee chairman (public transportation Council chairman), Furumachi autonomy chairman chairman, Nagakubo autonomy chairman chairman, Daimon autonomy chairman chairman, Wada autonomy chairman chairman, Nagato elementary school PTA president, Wada Elementary School PTA president, Yoda recess southern junior high school PTA president, elderly club Federation President, Disabled welfare Council chairman, deputy mayor (public transportation Council Vice Chairman), and deliberation Affairs section chief, general affairs chief as members.

The Heisei 31 5th Nawacho Public Transport Council was held on Heisei 3 Year 20 Month 30 (Wednesday).

The fifth public transport council minutes [PDF: 60KB]

Heisei 31 year 4th NAGAWA public transport Council in March 2 year 26 month 30 date (Tuesday) was held.

4 times Public Transportation Council meeting meeting [PDF: 97KB]

Heisei 31 Year 1 The 3rd Nagaicho Public Transportation Council was held in Heisei 28 year on 30 day (Monday).

3 times Public Transportation Council meeting meeting [PDF: 82KB]

Heisei 30 year The 2nd Nagawa-cho Public Transportation Council was held in Heisei 12 Year on 20 day (Thursday).

2 times Public Transportation Council meeting meeting [PDF: 62KB]

The first public transportation council of Nagawa town in Heisei 30 year was held on Heisei 25 July 30 day (Wednesday).

Conference record of 30 times Public Transportation Council for H1 year [PDF: 85KB]

We are looking for your opinion at Nagato Town.

If you have any comments or requests regarding public transportation, please contact the General Affairs Division at the Nagato Town Office.

Nagato Town Office General Affairs Section
Phone 0268-75-2040
FAX 0268-68-4139
E-mail soumu@town.nagawa.nagano.jp

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