Publication of Nagatacho Town, People · Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy (Heisei 30 Year 6 Month 29 Day Revised Edition)

Published 2018 years 07 month 05 Date

Last updated 2018 years 07 month 06 Date

Nagatacho Town, People · Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy was revised at the 9 Year 30 Month 6 date after the discussion by the 29 Nagawa-machi Regional Creation Promotion Council. In this revision, we added and revised KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for these projects based on the contents of the projects implemented in relation to comprehensive strategy.
The comprehensive strategy after the revision is as described in "Nagato Town Town, People / Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" (Heisei 30 Year 6 Month 29 Day Revision).
In the town, we will continue to proactively implement business related to comprehensive strategy to overcome the rapidly decreasing population.

What is "city, people, worker creation"


Purpose of formulation

In order to overcome the challenges and problems highlighted in the "Nagatacho Population Vision" analyzed about the population of Changwa Town in the face of a sudden declining population, we gathered opinions from the townspeople and various related fields We will aim for "Nagawa machi where you can feel better" that you can continue to revel in the future by implementing "Nagatacho Town, People, Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" formulated.

Population vision


Taking into consideration the estimation analysis on the population of Nagatocho, the results of the questionnaire survey and the direction of the aimed efforts, Nagato Town aims at the following numerical values.

出生率 1.55(2010年)→ 2.07(2035年) その後2060年まで2.07を維持

Population 6,780 people (2010 year) → 2,961 people (2060 year)

Future prospect of the population

Positioning of comprehensive strategy

In order to overcome various problems including population reduction problems, based on the comprehensive strategy of the country and prefecture, 1 next Changwa-cho long-term comprehensive plan, set up two basic objectives of 4, according to the circumstances of Changwa Town It is a summary of necessary measures. In the future, we will work on each measures aiming for creation of employment, promotion of sightseeing, enhancement of child-rearing environment, safety and secure city planning as the foundation of them, while trying to cooperate with related organizations inside and outside the town, We will carry out comprehensive strategy effectively and reliably by verifying the project effect by Town Planning and People Generation Comprehensive Strategy Evaluation Committee. In addition, we will revise the comprehensive strategy as necessary.

Basic objectives and major measures
Basic goals and numerical targets Basic direction (excerpt) Major measures (excerpt)


A book


Make Nagato cho where you want to work with the promotion of regional industry that makes good use of regional resources

· Employment creation by employment measures etc. Number of people
0 people → 18 people (5 year total)
· Employment rate 51.9% → Maintenance (H31 point)
○ Development of special products utilizing regional resources
○ Hiring employment of regional resources and corporate attraction
○ Establish a stable management structure of Nagatomachi Promotion Public Corporation
○ Training personnel to support agriculture, forestry and fishery
○ Support of commercial and trading companies
○ Employment support for people with disabilities
○ Strengthen the structure of entrepreneurship and employment support
○ Study on utilization of ICT
○ Construct research and development system for special products in collaboration with various organizations and universities
○ Securing a place of employment by promoting local industry and promoting 6 next industrialization
○ Attracting companies for child rearing generation and expansion of employment of residents and migrants in town
○ Consider expanding employment utilizing ICT, such as attracting ICT related companies
○ Consider securing a place for full-year employment at ski resort
○ Reserve players for agriculture, forestry and fishery
○ Employment support for new graduates, second graduates and employment support for a wide range of generations
○ Consider expanding the place of employment for people with disabilities in various fields such as agriculture
○ Enhancement of support for business operators, business owners, managers and people trying to start a business in collaboration with financial institutions


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Make Nagato Town to attract people's trend by constructing sightseeing and exchange culture making use of regional resources

· Social movement △ 62 people → △ 31 people (year)
· Number of tourists 337,600 people → 550,000 people (year)
· Number of foreign guests 17 person → 400 person (year)
○ Tourism Promotion Utilizing Regional Resources
○ Construction of a unique exchange foundation
○ Create people flow by wide area cooperation
○ Support for private organizations contributing to the exchange population increase
○ Attracting active migrants
○ Examination and improvement of utilization of vacant houses
○ Promote construction of support system for housing and residential land
○ Provide a place for healing by utilizing natural resources etc.
○ Training personnel flapping the world
○ Distribution of charm of traditional culture such as historical heritage and Otaya Festival
○ Collaboration with other municipalities with common tourism resources to create a wide-area flow of people
○ Strengthen information dissemination structure
○ Migration support according to the needs of migrant applicants · Aggressive recruitment through strengthening of acceptance system
○ Effective utilization measures of vacant houses considering the mapping result, consideration of new residential land development
○ International flight such as homestay with Setford town through UK Flintstone · Black Yellow Stone
Implementation of flow
Utilization of Ginza NAGANO


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Taking advantage of regional resources, we will create an environment that supports seamless marriage / pregnancy / childbirth / childcare / childcare and create a Nagato cho where we want to raise children

· Number of births 39 person → maintenance (year)
· Total special fertility rate 1.69 (H31 point)
○ Enhancement of Marriage Support Project
○ Enhancement of support system for pregnancy, childbirth, childcare
○ Build support system for raising child rearing area
○ Study on measures to mitigate the economic burden of child-rearing generation
○ Provide opportunities, after-care after encounter, marriage support such as follow up until marriage
Enhancement of organization
○ Increase of birth / celebration · Reduction of childcare fees · Assistance for high school school expenses etc, such as economic burden of child-rearing households
Review mitigation measures / subsidies
○ Exchange between local residents and children · Promotion of career education
○ Enrich school childcare, promote family support business
○ Enhancement of counseling desk for parenting in administration
○ Training "pre-childbirth postpartum child rearing supporter"


A book


Create a long-awaited Changwa Town with securing a safe and secure environment making full use of local resources

· "Small base" formation number 0 → 1 place (at H31 point)
○ Establishment of Basic Autonomy Ordinance for Residents
○ Resilient to disasters, making towns free of accidents and crime
○ Creating a rich living environment by developing road canals etc.
○ Consider and promote formation of "small base"
○ Construction of a public transportation network corresponding to the times
○ Enhancement of medical system · nursing care system
○ Promotion of town development that can live healthily
○ Study on improvement measures of road stations
○ Improve the convenience of shopping
○ Creating a villa ground suitable for the times
○ Consideration of tax incentives
○ Promotion of residents' led warning evacuation structure building project
○ Examination of ideals of public facilities adapted to the times
○ Verification of public transportation network such as patrol bus and examination of public transportation network suitable for the times
○ Promotion of community development of healthy longevity
○ Investigation of unique medical relationship leaving school enrollment system for Changwa-cho to solve the shortage of doctors
○ Strengthen the role of stations in the road according to the needs of users · Integrated maintenance
○ Study on measures to improve convenience of shopping in collaboration with related organizations
○ Utilization of home tax payment system

"Nagatacho Town, People, Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" (Heisei 30 Year 6 Month 29 Day Revision) [Summary Version] [PDF: 495KB]

"Nagato-cho Town, Hito-Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" (Heisei 30 Year 6 Month 29 Day Revision) [PDF: 618KB]

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