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Regarding subsidies for the septic tank statutory inspection fee

Published 2018 years 07 month 03 Date

Last updated 2020 years 03 month 10 Date

  In Nagawa Town, we subsidize part of the regular inspection (statutory inspection conducted by the Nagano Prefectural Septic Tank Association) fee based on Article 11 of the Septic Tank Law for septic tanks (combined treatment septic tanks) that are properly maintained. I will.

  1. 1. Those who can receive assistance
    • Person who installs merger processing septic tank in own house and performs maintenance appropriately
      (If the legal inspection result is determined to be inappropriate, take corrective measures)
  2. 2. Supplementary Amount
    • The subsidy amount is 2,000 yen regardless of the size of the human tank. In addition, grant of subsidy becomes only once a year for each septic tank.
  3. 3. Documents necessary for procedures
    • Nagawa-cho septic tank water examination fee subsidy grant application and bill
      * Applications can be downloaded from the main government building, each branch, or the homepage of the town.
      Nagatomachi Septic Water Quality Inspection Fee Subsidy Application Form [DOCX: 9KB]

    • Copy of the result of legal inspection

    • A copy of the payment slip and receipt (the one with the stamp of the reception office date) related to the cost required for legal inspection

    • Please submit the application within 3 months from the date of receiving the legal test.

    • For other details, please contact the Office of Water and Sewage (0268-75-2090).

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