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【Available house information _ No. X NUM X】 【Trading】 X NUM X 10,000 yen

Published 2018 years 07 month 04 Date

Last updated 2019 years 07 month 22 Date

Overview of Property

It is a compact house built in a flat shop. It is equipped with water supply and sewer, with garden / parking lot / storeroom! !

Registration No.


Sort Buying and selling 

Asking price             

[Trade] 460 yen

Location NAGAWA Nagakubo 2223-35 Form of contract negotiations General mediated
01 overall appearance _ R
Overall appearance
02 entrance and garden _ R
Entrance and garden
03 entrance (inside) _ R
Inside the door
04 entrance (shoebox) _ R
Entrance (shoebox)
05 Japanese style room (8 books) _ R
Japanese-style room 8 quires
06 Japanese-style room (8 books) (storage) _ R
Japanese-style room 8 (storage)
07 Western-style _R
Western-style room 8 letters
08 Japanese style room (6 books) _ R
Japanese style room 6
09 Japanese style room (6 books) (tokonoma and storage) _ R
Japanese-style 6 books (floor-to-floor and storage)
10 Kitchen _ R
11 kitchen (storage) _ R
Kitchen (storage)
12 Bathroom _R
Washroom dressing room
13 Bathroom (washing machine installation place) _ R
Toilet Dressing Room (Washing Machine Location)
14 Bathroom _ R
15 Bathroom (tub) _ R
Bathroom (bathtub)

16 Bathroom (shower etc.) _ R

Bathroom (shower etc.)

17 toilet _ R


18 wide edges _ R

Wide edge

19 wide edge (storage) _ R

Wide edge (storage)

20 hallway _ R


21 backyard _R


22 garden tree 1 _ R

Garden tree 1

23 garden tree 2 _ R

Garden tree 2

24 Storage _R


25 Outdoor water service _R

Outdoor water service

26 Outdoor Equipment _R

Outdoor equipment

27 appearance (from the road) _ R

Appearance (from the road)

28 Appearance (backside) _ R

Appearance (back side)

29 view from the garden 1_R

View from the garden 1

30 view from the garden 2_R

A view from the garden 2


Overview of the building

Area (m2)


Necessity of repair

Costs of repair
land Residential land


Wooden building with Japanese tile roof

Some of the repair necessary Resident burden


Extended floor


Building date
 Built in XNUMX

Floor plan

1 floor


The building seen from aerial photographs

Although the site part is surrounded by red, please see for reference to the last because it is the approximate position.

Aerial photo (far)
Aerial photograph (far) _ R
Aerial photo (near)

Aerial photograph (near) _ R

Equipment situation

Electrical Already draw WC Water washing
gas propane Parking Lot Yes (for 1 unit)
bath kerosene Storeroom There
Water supply There garden There
Sewer There Other


Distance to the main facilities, etc.

NAGAWA Town Office 3.3  km Bus stop (Oishi Estate) 0.24 km
Nagato post office 1.4 km Train (Ōya Station) 16.4 km
Yoda recess hospital 4.2 km Highway (Sugadaira Ueda IC) 21.6 km
Nagato nursery 1.4 km convenience store 1.1 km
Nagato elementary school 1.9 km supermarket 11.8 km
Yoda recess Southern Junior High School 5.4 km Hot Springs (peace of hot water) 3.8 km


Vacant house information

We'd love to hear from you!

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