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Public comment on the basic ordinance (original bill) of the Changwa Town Council "Recruitment closed"

Published 2018 years 06 month 06 Date

Last updated 2018 years 06 month 21 Date

"Nagato Town Council Basic Ordinance" that we have repeatedly considered at the Special Committee on the Council Reform Review Special Committee from Heisei 29 Year has been decided as a draft at the committee of Heisei 4 Year 30 month with the summary and commentary of the text It was.
Therefore we inform the townspeople of the draft and we will recruit opinions. In order to make a better Changwa town council, please give us your opinion.

Recruitment method

  • Recruitment by entry of 50 (distributed all over) from home page and parliament

Recruitment target

  • Nagato-machi townspeople (people with an address in the town)

Wanted period

  • From Heisei 30 year 6 month 6 day (Wednesday) to Heisei 30 year 6 month 20 day (Wednesday)

Public information

How to submit

  • Please fill in the opinion filling form or submit it in any form to the administrative office of the Nagato Town Assembly Council in one of the following ways. In the case of any form, please be sure to fill in your name, district name and telephone. (We will use it to confirm the content of opinion.)
    "We will not accept your comments on the phone, so please understand. "

When using e-mail

  1. e-mail address:gikai@town.nagawa.nagano.jp
  2. Please fill in your name, district name, telephone number and your opinion in the text.


  1. Address: 〒386-0603 Nagano Prefecture Nagaoka gun Naga cho cho Kuma cho 4247-1 Address to Changwon Town Council Secretariat


  1. Nagato Town Assembly Council Secretariat Address (2nd floor of the office)


  1. 0268-68-4139

We will thoroughly consider the opinions you give us at the committee and use it for formulating the ordinance.

Opinion form sheet [PDF: 62KB]

Opinion form sheet [DOCX: 9KB]

Contact Us

Congress Secretariat
PHONE: 0268-75-2059
FAX: 0268-68-4139

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