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"Nagato Town Public Housing etc. Long-life Plan" was formulated

Published 2018 years 05 month 23 Date

Last updated 2018 years 05 month 23 Date

Regarding public housing, renewal of houses that are getting older year by year and large-scale renovation are becoming a major issue nationwide under severe fiscal circumstances.
Based on this background, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which is in charge of public housing, aims to reduce the renewal cost by strengthening the inspection and early management and repair, promoting improvements that contribute to the preventive maintenance management of houses and the prolongation of longevity In order to proceed, guidelines for long-lived planning of public housing etc. 21 month in Heisei 3 year, revised version in Heisei 28 year 8 month was shown.
Meanwhile, in Nagatomachi, the purpose of planning to renew, consolidate, consolidate, and extend the life span of public facilities owned by the town, etc. is planned to reduce the fiscal burden for the future. In the Heisei 28 year We have formulated a comprehensive management plan for town public facilities etc.
As a result of this, with regard to the public housing and campus housing of the town, in order to respond appropriately to renewal and repair of public housing etc. in the future based on the above guidelines and the comprehensive management plan of the town, We have announced that we have formulated a comprehensive management plan for Nagato-cho Public Facilities etc.

□ Planning period Heisei From 30 year to 10 year

□ Target Housing Town Public Housing and Town-owned Houses 58 Building · 185 Door

□ Planning content 【Nagato Town Public Housing Length Longevity Plan】 Planning document.pdf ※

※ The plan can also be viewed at the Government Planning and Finance Division.

【Changwa Town Public Housing Length Longevity Plan】 Planning document [PDF: 14MB]

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