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Heisei 30 years 6 month regular meeting general questions

Published 2018 years 05 month 23 Date

Last updated 2018 years 05 month 23 Date

6 Month 5 Day (Tue) we will inform you about the general question and general time in order of remarks.
(Remark order)

Order of remarks
Notification time

Representative name

Question matters



60 minutes

Watanabe Hisato

Open: 9:00 - 10:00

  • About the response of the town of the sediment-related disaster warning zone
  • About salary and capacity management of Changwa-machi
  • Regarding the correspondence of the Local Public Service Act and the Local Autonomy Law Revision


Break (10 minutes)


50 minutes

Keiichi Sato

Open: 10:10 - 11:00

  • About the appropriate number of administrative officials in population decline
  • On the unbalanced situation of staff members by office staff by age
  • About my hometown tax payment


Break (10 minutes)


60 minutes

Morita Komei

Open: 11:10 - 12:10

  • On the educational policy of Nagatomachi


Superintendent of schools

Lunch (60 minutes)


60 minutes

Tanuku Mitsuko

Open: 13:00 - 14:00

  • About "Nagato-machi Road Station Area Activation Project"
  • Abe and Prime Minister about the constitutional amendment Article 9 amendment that the LDP is going to recommend
  • As poverty spreads, to make life protection easier to use
  • Expansion of "scholarship benefits" for high school students, implementation of "schooling support" as Changwa Town

Mayor and others

  • Regarding time, it will be changed depending on the length of question time of each lawmaker
  • Just fill in the address and name, you can listen anytime during the meeting, so please go to the Nagato-cho venue. There are restrictions on the number of people who can listen.


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