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Nagato Town Town tax payment donation utilization project report

Published 2018 years 05 month 15 Date

Last updated 2018 years 05 month 15 Date

Heisei 29 donation allowance project

1. Yasuragi no Sato Township Project (Living Environment) Keeping the Green Everyday "Yaoki" 【Amount of Amount: 563 Thousand Yen】

  1. 1. School road security light installation business: installation road security light installation installation work 426 thousand yen 【allocated amount: 426 thousand yen】
  2. 2. Malmelo Highway Landscape Improvement Project: Landscape maintenance consignment fee 137 thousand yen 【appropriated amount: 137 thousand yen】

2. Township business (Industry Promotion) that produces industries in the "Ya-ku" area towards the future 【Reserve amount: 402 thousand yen】

  1. 1. Nagato cho tourism PR project: sightseeing PR suspension buy · buy tourism novelty creation 425 thousand yen 【allocated amount: 402 thousand yen】

Photo 1) PR suspension (spring to fall) version 1We posted PR suspended curtains tailored to the season on the hanging curtain building in the town center and made it possible to appeal to visitors. Also, by setting up a pamphlet stand to the tourist information space, we were able to prepare an environment where visitors can easily pick up.


3. Easy warmth of village business (Health, Welfare, Medical) to continue "rejoice" as a person 【Amount allocated: 387 thousand yen】

  1. 1. Child-rearing support center environment improvement project: signboard installation work 99 thousand yen 【appropriated amount: 99 thousand yen】

Picture ② Signboard for fenceAs one of the environment improvement project of child rearing support center, we installed a signboard on the outer wall of the building and the fence of the garden. Even from afar the place of child rearing support center became easier to understand.



  1. 2. Child-rearing support operation expenses: Child-rearing support center Plaza storage and external watch purchase 288 thousand yen 【allocated amount: 288 thousand yen】

Photo ③ WarehouseWith the improvement of the environment of child rearing support center, a large garden where a small child can play with confidence was completed and the play equipment was enriched. Even if the user is outdoors, the external clock that can know the time and the storage that can store the play equipment and play equipment are very convenient and easy to use support center.


Photo ④ Outside clock

4. Township business (education · culture) nurturing ancient "Yayaki" 【appropriated amount: 88 thousand yen】

  1. 1. New entrance child helmet purchasing business: Helmet purchase cost 88 thousand yen 【appropriated amount: 88 thousand yen】

5. Smile and smile "Ya Karasu" Township business (collaboration between residents and administration) [Amount allocated: 155 thousand yen]

  1. 1. Machizukuri making business: contribution 935 thousand yen 【appropriated amount: 155 thousand yen】

6. Other business 【Amount allocated: 1,000 thousand yen】

  1. 1. Yamamura Revitalization Project: Yamamura Revitalization Project Project Cooperated with Tokyo University of Agriculture 545 Thousand yen 【Amount allocated: 500 thousand yen】

Photo ⑤ Okamori field plowing work scenery

We purchased raw materials to practice drainage of practical field in practical training field in Furuicho Okamori area, constructed by practical training, and we were able to obtain the dry soil effect of the field. In addition, we made an additional purchase of the coat to be worn by the students for the Oyama Lion Festival to participate in the practical training.

Oyama Lion Festival

  1. 2.LED Renovation project: Security light fixture work 1,585 thousand yen 【appropriated amount: 500 thousand yen】

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