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Nagatomachi * Please use National Health Insurance health point!

Published 2018 years 04 month 01 Date

Last updated 2018 years 04 month 01 Date

National Health Insurance Point TOP

Nagatomachi * National Health Insurance What is health point?

It is a reward for those who worked on making health. ? We can receive "Xiaoman Village Ticket (500 Yen)" by participating in human dock / district specific examination, various cancer checkups and health promotion projects, acquiring? 500 points and submitting.

At each health examination venue / lecture hall, press the confirmation mark on the card. Also, participants of the Education Committee / Social Welfare Council exercise classroom would like to offer that card when submitting the card. I will stamp the confirmation.

Those who go to the sports gym etc., please present a membership card etc. Also, please self-declare about exercise habits in individuals.

※ When you receive medical examination do not forget to bring "insurance card" and "point card"!

* Either "Human Dock" or "District Specific Health Examination" is an indispensable item. If you are not applying for this year's checkup, let's sign up now!


Those who are members of National Health Insurance, 40 years old to 74 years old are eligible.

How to Apply

  • Get a point card! (Please use it by cutting along the broken line as it is attached to the bottom of the leaflet to hand out to the subscriber.
  • Health point flier [PDF: 2MB]
  • Join the points below and accumulate points!
  • 500 points apply when you accumulate!
    "Please fill in the necessary information on the point card, bring it to the Health and Welfare General Center or the office window, or mail it. "

Point target business

points Business as a target Remarks
A 300Point Visit a town's human dog
(Please submit the results if you receive it elsewhere.)
 Either A or B is required.
B 200Point District specific health examination or individual specific health examination
(Please submit the result book if you receive it elsewhere)
C 100Point Join a specific health checkup meeting  It will be stamped at the venue.
D 100Point Various cancer examination 【stomach · large intestine · lung · milk (breast) · uterus cancer]
(Except for human dogs, cancer screening conducted by the town subjects)
(Individual medical examination is OK, but examination by medical institution in individual is not covered)

 100 points each

E 100Point Health promotion related business
Health Promotion Section: Health University / Mental Health Promotion Lecture
Board of Education: Participation in athletic clubs, etc.
Council of Social Welfare ・ ・ ・ Lively exercise class
 100 points for each participating project
F 100Point Efforts of individual health habits and exercise habits
Example: We will arrive early 1 weekly for activity meter to lend by walking and health promotion staff, go to sports gym and swimming pool such as carves etc.
 Upper limit 100 points

Point period period

  • Heisei 30 year 4 month 1 day-Heisei 31 year 3 month 20 day
    "Regional ticket" will be issued every month with 20 day closing, so it will be received from the next month 1 day. "

Tips and notes

  • If you withdraw from Nagatomachi National Health Insurance, points you are acquiring will be invalid. ? We will confirm your qualification when submitting your point card.
  • "Regional tickets" will be issued 1 sheets per 1 year. The term of validity of "regional tickets" is the second half of issue. Since it can not be reissued, please use it within the due date.
  • Please note that the last reception will be 3 month 20 day.
  • Those who do not have delinquent taxes are eligible.

We'd love to hear from you!

Children's Health Promotion Division health promotion engagement
Address: Health and Welfare Research Center
PHONE: 0268-68-3494
FAX: 0268-68-3798

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