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Nagatomachi * Please use National Health Insurance health point!

Published 2022 years 05 month 18 Date

Last updated 2022 years 05 month 18 Date

National Health Insurance Point TOP

Nagatomachi * National Health Insurance What is health point?

 This is a privilege for those who are willing to work on health promotion.You can receive a human dock / district-specific medical examination, participate in various cancer screenings and health promotion projects, accumulate points, and when you reach 500 points, you can exchange them for the "Nagawa Village Area Ikiiki Ticket (500 yen)".

 Points will be awarded at various medical examinations, lectures, lively exercise classes, and energy-up classes.Please bring your "health insurance card" and "health point card" when you undergo a medical examination.

 If you have personally made health promotion efforts, please declare it.

 * Either "Human Dock" or "District Specific Medical Examination" is a required item.If you haven't applied for this year's medical examination, apply now!


Those who are members of National Health Insurance, 40 years old to 74 years old are eligible.

How to Apply

  • Participate in the following points target projects and collect points.
  • When you have accumulated 500 points, please fill in the required items on the point card and bring it to the Children and Health Promotion Division (Health and Welfare General Center) or mail it.

Point target business

points Business as a target Remarks
A 300Point Visit a town's human dog

 Either A or B is required

B 200Point District specific medical examination (including Saturday medical examination) or individual specific medical examination
C 100Point Participate in a specific medical examination result report meeting.  
D 100Point Various cancer screenings [stomach, large intestine, lungs, milk (mammography), uterus]
(Except for human dogs, cancer screening conducted by the town subjects)

 100 points each

E 100Point

Health promotion related business

● Health University / Mental Health Promotion Lecture
● Gatekeeper training course / lively exercise class
● Energetic up class, muscle mass measurement, exercise class sponsored by the Education Division, etc.

 1 points for each participation

 (Upper limit 300 points)

F 100Point Personal health promotion
Examples: Continuous walking, daily radio calisthenics, health exercises in Nagawa, going to a sports gym / pool, measuring the salt concentration of soup (submission required), etc.
 Upper limit 200 points
G 100Point

Review of lifestyle

● When the result of the medical examination is better than the previous one as a result of reviewing your lifestyle (weight loss, blood sugar level, etc.)
● When there is an improvement in lifestyle habits among those who are subject to specific health guidance

 Upper limit 200 points

* 500 points will be given to those who submit the results of medical examinations received at their place of employment or medical institution.


Point period period

  • 2022 year 4 month 1 day to 2023 year 3 month 20 day
    "Regional ticket" will be issued every month with 20 day closing, so it will be received from the next month 1 day. "

Tips and notes

  • If you withdraw from the Nagawa-cho National Health Insurance, the points you are earning will be invalid. (We will confirm your qualification when you submit your point card.)
  • "Regional tickets" will be issued 1 sheets per 1 year. The term of validity of "regional tickets" is the second half of issue. Since it can not be reissued, please use it within the due date.
  • Please note that the last reception will be 3 month 20 day.
  • Those who do not have delinquent taxes are eligible.


Children's Health Promotion Division
Address: Health and Welfare Research Center
TEL: 0268-75-2045
FAX: 0268-68-3798

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