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Wada District Medical Facility Improvement Project

Published 2018 years 04 month 01 Date

Last updated 2018 years 04 month 04 Date

Wada medical facilityYoda Kuboku Hospital affiliated Wada clinic · Waseda dental clinic relocating work completed

 The new Wada Clinic and Wada Dental Clinic have been completed.Forty years have passed since the clinic was built in 52, and the local people have strongly requested the relocation of the facility.

 With the completion of the new government office building, the town discussed with the "Examination Committee for the Use of Sites of Public Facilities, etc." for the effective utilization of the old Wada Government Building. Regarding the rooms centered on the office, we decided to move the Wada Clinic attached to Yodakubo Hospital and the Wada Dental Clinic and use them as a medical treatment space and a waiting room. ” I did.In March 28, we received budget approval for the Wada district medical facility maintenance project at the regular assembly meeting and started the project.

 The new facility will be a bright, spacious and easy-to-use clinic, and by connecting the government office branch, the Chamber of Commerce branch, the agricultural cooperative branch, the Wada clinic, and the dental clinic, it will become a convenient facility where you can add errands in one building. It was.

   We are working with everyone's understanding toward the "enhancement of the regional medical system" described in the town's basic plan and long-term plan, and we ask for your continued support in the future.

Mayor of Nagato Mayor Haneda

At the opening of the relocation of Wada clinic affiliated to Koiyuki Tabu Hospital

 It has been 15 years since it became a clinic attached to Yodakubo Hospital in 15 in June this year.During this time, six doctors, from Dr. Hisao Ishibashi to Dr. Motoko Miyajima, worked as directors of the clinic.
 It was a dilapidated clinic that was built in 52 and has been 40 years old, but the staff have worked together to do their best.

 This time, it will be relocated to the former Wada Government building, the environment and equipment of the facility have improved, and clinic staff can now obtain continuous and accurate medical information using ICT in cooperation with the hospital. ..
From last year's 11 moon, Yoda Kuboku Hospital and some internal physicians are secured, and emergency hospitalization at the time of emergency is also possible at night and on holidays.

 Finally, it will be a clinic where you can feel free to consult not only about diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, but also about long-term care insurance and future life, etc. As a front line, I hope that it will be useful to everyone. Thank you.

Hiromichi Misawa, Director of National Medical School Yodakubo Hospital

Wada Dental Clinic Chief Director, Changwa-machi

 We would like to thank the mayor and all other concerned parties for their kindness and support for the new establishment of the Wada Dental Clinic in Nagawa Town.Our clinic will protect the dental health of children and the elderly, and will play an important role in supporting the vitality of the local people.

We are waiting for you at a new and bright medical care facility for the disabled, so please do not hesitate to consult anything about your teeth.

Medical corporation Shin-Osamu conference Nagao dental clinic president Masahiko Nagai

Welcome to the Waseda clinic at the National Health Insurance Medical Center

 We are moving to the new Wada Clinic.This is also due to the decision of Nagawa Town, as the residents needed a clinic.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
In the 5 years after my assignment, due to the reduction of the medical treatment day and change of the medical examination time, everyone is hard to use than before. Improvement of the date and time of medical treatment is a difficult situation, but I will treat you as much as possible to help the area. Sincerely.

Wada clinic director Miyajima element


National health insurance department Tabu hospital attached Wada clinic
Manager Doctor Miyajima Element
Department Internal medicine and surgery
Creator Yoda Kubo Medical Welfare Office Association Union Chairman Haneda
Reception time 【Monday · Tuesday】 Afternoon 1 hour 45 minutes ~ Afternoon 3 hour 45 minutes
【Friday】 Morning 8 hour 30 minutes ~ AM XUMX hour 11 minutes
Medical time 【Monday · Tuesday】 Afternoon 2 hour 00 minutes ~ Afternoon 4 hour 00 minutes
【Friday】 Morning 9 hour 00 minutes ~ AM XUMX hour 11 minutes
Closed day Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 12 month 29 day to 1 month 3 day, 1 month 15 day


National Health Insurance Chuwa Town Wada Dental Clinic
Manager Doctor Nami Gomi
Department Dentistry
Creator Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata
Reception time 【Monday · Tuesday · Friday】
 9:00 am to 11:30 am, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Medical time 【Monday · Tuesday · Friday】
 9:00 am to 12:00 am, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Closed day Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 12 month 29 day to 1 month 3 day, 1 month 15 day
Phone Number 0268-68-0010 (Dental clinic for inquiries)

Heisei 29 Fiscal Wada District Medical Facility Development Project (Outline)

  • Project implementation period
    • Heisei 29 April 24 day ~ Heisei 30 year March 30 day
  • Construction Project Outline
    • 診療所(事務室18.15㎡・診察室13.94㎡・処置室25.95㎡・診療所倉庫7.16㎡・廊下3.86㎡・隔離室3.06㎡・休息室6.75㎡・薬局14.95㎡・倉庫6.75㎡・診療所倉庫16.36㎡)
    • Dental clinic (clinic room, reception desk, backyard 52.47㎡, X-ray room 5.46㎡, machine room 4.93㎡, staff room 14.95㎡, dental clinic warehouse 26.55㎡
    • Shared part (waiting room 63.71 ㎡ · men's and women's toilets, multipurpose restroom 24.14 ㎡ · toilet front corridor 15.37 ㎡)
      • Total total area 324.51 ㎡
  • Total project cost 121,086,005 yen (consumption tax included)
  • Address
    • Old Wada Government building (1 st floor office building)
    • Yubinbango386-0701 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA Wada 2872


Yoda Kuboku Hospital Wada clinic · Wada dental clinic

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