Notice of Venus Line Collaboration Council wide area lecture meeting

Published 2018 years 02 month 14 Date

Last updated 2018 years 02 month 14 Date

Venus Line Collaboration Council Lecture(1)開催日時  平成30年2月19日(月)午後6時30分から (開場 午後6時から)

(2) Venue Chino Station Eleven Velvier 3 Floor Mario Royal Hall

(3) Instructor Kosuke Eriya (Lenovo Kosuke)

(4) Abstract Population Decline · Town development in the era of declining birthrate and aging population

(5) Organizer Shinshu Venus Line Collaboration Council

(6) Other Auditing Free Application Not Required

Prior application is unnecessary for auditing. However, we will limit the number of 200 names to the capacity. We will recommend visiting as soon as possible.
* There is a limited number of parking spaces. If you come by car, please cooperate so that we can come and see you.

Lecturer: Mr. Kosuke MiyataniLecturer: Mr. Kosuke Miyatani
53 years old born in Yamaguchi prefecture. Visit all 3,200 cities, towns and villages before Heisei merger, overseas 90 countries at their own expense and grasp the regional characteristics in many ways. We will do vigorous research, writing, and lecture on regional development and population maturity problems. Since 2012, he is a principal researcher at the Japan Research Institute, Limited. In recent years there has been a record of "the identity of deflation", "satoyama capitalism" (KADOKAWA), "monetary easing trap" (Shueisha), "a supple Japanese archipelago making" "Japanese rich wealth theory" "Shinchosha" , "Theory of happiness nation without economic growth" (Mainichi Shimbun publication) etc.

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