Notice of commencement of application for Tagayama Tateiwa Ochiai housing estate application

Published 2018 years 02 month 08 Date

Last updated 2018 years 02 month 14 Date

Tateiwa housing complex

Orikashima Tateiwa Ochiai housing estate application acceptance started! !

Peripheral drawing and section drawing

Housing complex construction work which we have been proceeding in Oguchima Tateiwa Ochiai area almost ended at the end of 1 month.

In this construction work, we created the residential land of 13 section on the opposite side of Seven Eleven Shinshu Nagato Store, 3 section on the opposite side of Sakaya Cleaning Store, totaling 16 section.

Application acceptance of the residential land of this 16 block will be started from 2 month 6 day.

I am very sorry that the sale start was delayed while I was inquiring from a lot of people already.

Please confirm the detailed information such as the selling price of residential land and application conditions from the following.





Outline of residential complex

Location: Nagano Pref.

Surrounding information

  • Hospital: Yoda Kuboku Hospital Approximately 2.4 km
  • Educational institution: About nursery school About 4.4km Nagato Elementary School About 4.4km Yoda Kubo South Junior High School About 0.8km
  • Transportation: Shinano Train Oya station approximately 10.7 km
  • Shopping: Nearest supermarket about 5.4km convenience store walking 1 minutes

  Sales division list

About application

Application period

  • Heisei 30 year 2 month 6 day (Tuesday) 9 hour - Heisei 30 year 2 month 28 day (Wednesday) Afternoon 5 till

How to apply

  • Please submit application form and attached documents to Changwa-cho Land Development Corporation (Naga-cho Town Construction Water Supply Section).
  • Reception by mail can also be accepted. In this case, it will be valid until the postmark of 2 month 26 day.

Field Meeting

  • We are planning to hold a local briefing session for everyone who passed the document examination from 3 moon 11 day (Sunday) morning 9 hour to X AMUMX hour.

Determination of sale

  • Partitions with multiple applications will be selected by lottery at the Nagato Elderly Welfare Center meeting hall of 3 month 11 days (Sunday) Nagato Town Nagato Elderly Welfare Center.

Application Form etc

Tateiwa housing complex - administrative service

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