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Shinshu / Changwa-cho lifestyle guidebook

Published 2018 years 02 month 02 Date

Last updated 2020 years 08 month 19 Date


Loving Haha bride talk  Works like Changwa-machi  Fun things in Changwa-cho  Nagato-cho Map  Come to Nagawa Town!

Loving ha ha towel

Nagaha hot and ♥ LINE


  • In Chofu-cho, we established Heisei 28 Year 4 Month 1 Day "Children's Health Promotion Division" to comprehensively support pregnancy, childbirth and raising children. As you can feel "Child-raising Nagami Town", we are preparing the environment while listening to various opinions and also working on measures to reduce the population of the town.
    • Nagatomachi Children's Health Promotion Division Child-rearing Support Section ☎0268-75-2069
  • "I would like you to hear the problems of child rearing" "Parents wanting a place to exchange information" Everyone, parents, thinking that child care support center is "another house" Please feel free to go out. We will support everyone's parenting with every staff!
    • Child-rearing support center ☎0268-71-0903
  • Nagatomachi Child care support website WEB site http://www.nagawa.ne.jp

Works like Changwa-machi

Employment support information
Nagato Town Office Office Industry Promotion Section Commerce and Tourism Section, Hello Work Ueda, we will support everyone's employment and start-up.
Nagato-cho Office Office Industry Promotion Section Commerce and Tourism Section ☎0268-75-2047
Hello Work Ueda ☎0268-23-8609

Farming support information
We cooperate with Yoda Kibo southern agricultural support center · Nagano Prefecture etc. to support comprehensive support such as acquisition of technology and secure farming infrastructure. (Currently, there is no fund system of Nagatomachi unique, but there is funds of agriculture system of country related)
Nagato-cho Office Office Industry Promotion Section Agriculture Office ☎0268-75-2047


Fun thing



Experience the seasonal nature throughout the body

Kirigamine · Midigahara Central Divide Trail Trail

 A trail course that walks through the Kirigamine and Utsukushigahara plateaus, which are the Nakanobu plateaus of Nagano prefecture, among the "central watersheds" that divide water between the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Pacific Ocean side.The course is about 38km long from Nagato Ranch to Kirigamine, Wada Pass and Utsukushigahara Plateau.

 The rich nature represented by the Kirigamine Plateau shows seasonal expressions, and you can enjoy encounters with various animals and plants such as the plateau ranch and wild birds.Since the altitude difference is small from 1400m to 2000m, many people from children to adults can come.


Whiskey & Via CampLiquor must for fans of outdoor events

Whiskey & Via Camp Changwa Town

"Whiskey Festival in Changwa-cho" held at the Tanayama Ski Resort at Blanche as the first domestic whiskey event in 2011 year
From 2014 year, beer critic Mr. Hideyuki Shinohara (President of the Japan Bijournalist Association) was added to the members, and it has been upgraded to "Whiskey & Beer Camp Changwa Town". It is a very rare whiskey and craft beer festival in Japan.

 You can enjoy Shinshu gourmet food, Western liquor, and craft beer in a comfortable plateau!In addition to gourmet food, it is an event that everyone from children to families and seniors can enjoy, such as workshops and stage performances using obsidian, campfires and barbecues.


Snow HikesScenery to meet the new in the Silver of the world

Snow Haiku in NAGAWA

 A snowshoe hiking tour to enjoy the central watershed in winter.Floating experience with the finest powder snow!You can enjoy an extraordinary space.The tourist association also holds a snowshoe tour every year.

 In Nagawa Town, there are many fields suitable for snowshoeing, such as the Hikingidaira Hiking Course, Utsukushigahara Plateau, and Yamabiko Ridge.


Trail runOne of the most challenging courses in the country challenging harsh nature

Megahara Trail Run & Walk in Nagawa

 This is a mountain marathon event that boasts one of the most difficult levels in Japan, centered on the "Kirigamine / Utsukushigahara Central Divide Trail" course.There are four courses, from the longest 80km to 8km, which is mainly a walk.

 The course that starts at Blanche Takayama Ski Resort early in the morning and finishes at Utsukushigahara Kogen, Wada-shuku, Nagato Ranch and ski resort has a cumulative height difference of 3000m or more.We stimulate more than 1000 runners every year.


Nagato-cho Map

NAGAWA Town Office

NAGAWA Town Office

Nursery school

Nursery school · child rearing support center

Yoda recess hospital

Yoda recess hospital

 Nagawa Town is a town with abundant nature, with views of Mt. Tateshina in the east, Mt. Utsukushigahara in the west, Mt. Yatsugatake in the south, and Mt. Asama in the north.In addition, because there are two post stations on Nakasendo and three major national roads run, it is easy to access nearby cities, major stations, high-speed ICs, and sightseeing spots, so work well on weekdays and on holidays. You can relax and enjoy the country life.

 The "Obsidian spirit" (to treat all people without distinction), which has been passed down since the Jomon period, is still pervading the townspeople, and it is a town where you can feel the "richness of the heart" that everyone wants. Is Shinshu / Nagawacho.

Access to Changwa Town
Get off at Tokyo Station on "Hokuriku Shinkansen" "Ueda station" or "Sakuhira station", 35 minutes by car or bus from the station.
On the expressway, it is about two and a half hours on the Kanetsu Expressway from Tokyo, and about 3 hours on the central highway from Nagoya, which is a good Shinshu / Nagatacho cho.


Come to Nagawa Town!

Nagatomachi chokeyer bank

It started full-scale since the 2016 year and gained popularity.

The information on the unoccupied shops is updated from time to time and we have a wide range of items ranging from tasty objects to luxurious buildings that I can not think of as vacant shops.

Shiya Bank homepage

Nagatomachi free consultant renovation fee etc. subsidy

The person who migrates helps part of the renovation cost related to the purchase and sale etc. of the property registered in the vacant house bank and the cost of removing the unnecessary items of the property. (It supports up to 110 ten thousand yen maximum)

Country Living Experience Housing Start!

Since the experiencing house in the country life, which becomes the "more compliant" of everyone who wishes to migrate to Nagato-machi, was completed, please use by all means.

"Marche Kuroya", a large-scale agricultural direct sales shop, opens!

A large-scale agricultural direct sales store "Marche Kuroya" has opened at the roadside station "Quince Station Nagato".

Fresh vegetables and special products cultivated in Nagato are lined up in a row, and there is also a dining room that uses locally produced ingredients.

It is a wonderful spot for those who wish to relocate to Nagawa Town to get to know the information of Nagawa Town such as local things and locals.

Shinshu / Nagawa-machi area Oshikoshi cooperation party

Resolve various regional issues with "new perspectives"! In order to make Changwa-cho a more energetic town, we accepted the talented people from the three major metropolitan areas, and we are acting extensively and extensively.

Nagato Town Immigration and Exchange Concierge

  • I want to live in a country living in a safe community that lets me see his face
  • I am interested in living in Changwa-cho and parenting
  • I want to work in Changwa-cho! I want to farm!

Information relating to emigration and unoccupied houses will be asked by the migration concierge of Changwa-cho.



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