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Published 2018 years 01 month 31 Date

Last updated 2019 years 02 month 12 Date

CampaignIn Nagato cho, we offer the following discount ticket as a privilege to those who newly applied for direct debit at the following tax item.

On this occasion, please do the procedure of direct debit transfer by all means.

Application benefit

For those who applied for direct debit by adding new or transfer tax items during the campaign periodYu Wada inn Hot Springs Petting-Nagato Onsen peace hot water We will present 4 common ticket discount ticket. (Transfer account change will be excluded.)

※ Scheduled delivery of discount tickets in April.

Campaign period

Heisei 31 year 2 month 18 day ~ Heisei 31 year 3 month 15 day (during the final tax return period)

Tax item subject

Town prefectural tax (ordinary collection), property tax, light motor vehicle tax, national health insurance tax (ordinary collection), nursing fee, water fee, sewage fee, cable TV usage fee, town house housing rent, nursing care insurance fee (ordinary collect) , Meal service, villa fee, school lunch fee, medical fee for late elderly medical insurance (ordinary collection)

Application method

Application will be made at the window of financial institution and office tax office.

Financial institutions and offices If you are not going to a tax office, you can proceed by post. (Please request an application form from the General Affairs Division Tax Office.)

In addition, rare "Nan chan goods" got a lottery!

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