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Participant 30 name of Heisei 8 Youth Welcome Overseas Dispatch Exchange Project was decided

Published 2018 years 01 month 26 Date

Last updated 2018 years 01 month 26 Date

 In Nagawa Town, exchanges centered on learning and communicating each other's historical culture with the Setford and Breckland districts of Norfolk, England, which have a historical culture similar to that of Nagawa Town such as Kuroyaishi. Is proceeding.

 Junior high and high school students who learned the history of the region interacted with young people of the same generation in England as "Ambassador of Nagawa Youth Kuroyaishi", conveyed the culture of Nagawa to the general public in the area, and through homestays, etc. You will have the opportunity to learn the significance and enjoyment of learning English.By experiencing the culture rooted in the different environment and history of other countries and experiencing human exchanges, including children who will lead the next generation, it will be an opportunity to look at the world and review the hometown at the same time. , We will lead to human resource development that transcends generations and attractive town development.

 In 30, eight high school students from Nagawa Town will participate as "Nagawa Youth Obsidian Ambassador".

 Ambassador Obsidian of Nagawa Youth, centered on Takayama's "Obsidian Experience Museum", repeated history learning and English training in Nagawa Town, and practice of making obsidian pendants in the summer vacation. We will teach you how to make pendants in English and experience homestay.In October, we will carry out international exchange activities such as presenting opinions at the "Children's Summit" held at the "Prefectural Museum of History" in Chikuma City.

 The state of the activityBlack Yellow Stone Museum's Face BookBut you can see.

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