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NAGAWA library

Published 2020 years 08 month 11 Date

Last updated 2022 years 11 month 04 Date

The Nagato petting Museum has been the hotel's library. Please feel free to use.

toshokan"Street address"
 457-1 Nagakubo, Nagawa Town (Nagato Fureai Hall, Nagawa Town)

 ・ Monday-Friday: XNUMX am-XNUMXpm
 ・ Saturday: XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm

"closing day"
 -Sundays, public holidays, in-house arrangement days, special arrangement period, year-end and New Year holidays

About Ecole

echolEcole is a nickname for the Ueda Regional Library Information Network, and is a composite word that combines Yamabiko's "echo" (ECHO) and the acronym "L" for Library. It started in December 7 with the aim of "anytime, anywhere, anyone".

Currently, in addition to the public libraries (rooms) of 5 municipalities in Ueda City, Toga City, Nagato Town, Aoki Village, Sakagashi Town, and Shiota Kominkan, etc. are connected by a network, books with books of 1 You can book, rent out and return anywhere.

For more information, please contact us to Nagato library.


Ueda Regional Library Information Network (Ecole)

How about this book?

 Theme "Reading the Visualized (Original)"


  As the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and we spend more time at home.
  The autumn nights are long, and the reading season has arrived.Many books are made into movies and videos every month, and the number of reservations for works that are talked about increases at once.

  This month, we will introduce a book that has been made into a movie or video.I can't introduce all of them, so if you are interested, please contact the library.

Book name



Content introduction

Crime Diary of Kiriko Hitotsubashi <76>

Hika Harada

Tokuma bookstore

76-year-old Kiriko Hitotsubashi, who lives on a meager pension and a cleaning part-time job, has no savings.One day, when Kiriko saw a video on TV of an elderly inmate being cared for, she began to wish, "She wants to go to prison."

medium psychic detective


[Authentic Mystery Grand Prize Novel Category]

Sako Aizawa


Shiro Katsuki, who has solved difficult cases as a mystery writer, meets Hisui Shirozuka, a woman who has been traumatized.She is a medium and can speak the words of the dead, but she has no evidence there.

Shyrock children

Jun Ikeido

文藝 春秋

A self-made deputy branch manager, an OL who is in love with the company...Bank employees who struggle for their families to succeed in life.A man disappears as a disturbing atmosphere fills the branch after a cash loss incident.There is a "monster" in the branch.

Mukita Barber Shop

Hideo Okuda

Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.

An abandoned coal mining town in Hokkaido.The streets are empty, but inside everyone is arguing.The town in the north, where a worried barbershop owner lives, is unexpectedly lively.A story that will touch your heart and warm your heart.

The line draws me

[Mephisto Award]

[Brunch Book Award]

Hiromasa Togami


After losing his parents in an accident, college student Shimosuke feels lost.For some reason, Koyama takes a liking to him and makes him an uchi-deshi on the spot, but Koyama's grandson, Chiei, opposes it.



Featured this month


"Red Zone" Author: Sosuke Natsukawa Publisher: Shogakukan

 Yoshinobu Nisshin was a physician and worked at Shinanoyama Hospital in Nagano Prefecture.
 The director will decide to accept new corona patients on a cruise ship anchored at Yokohama Port.
 A story of courage written by an active doctor who stands at the forefront of the corona disaster. Sequel to "Clinical Fortress".

"Thou art like a star" Author:Yuu Nagira   Publisher: Kodansha 

 Akatsuki, a high school student who grew up on an island in the Seto Inland Sea, and Kai, who was swayed by the romance of his free-spirited mother, transferred to the island.
 Both of them, who have loneliness and lack in their hearts, are attracted to each other, pass each other, and grow.


Introduction of New Books

Book title

Author's name



don't XNUMX

Shusuke Michio

文藝 春秋


secret room in the middle of the night

Jeffrey Diver

文藝 春秋


life from a gourd

Itsuki Natsui


俳 句

First Space Travel Guide I

Junya Terazono / Director

Flavel Building


The Mystery of Hikarume

Fumihiko Sasaki

Mirai Publishing

Picture book

Plastic man

Keiko Kiyota

Mirai Publishing

Picture book

Me, the mountain and the sheep sweater

Kazuyoshi Iino


Picture book


Library bulletin board


   November 11th is Mickey Mouse's birthday.
   It is celebrated on this day in 1928 because it first appeared in the Disney animated film Steamboat Willie.

   ★ The information library will be closed from November XNUMXth (Wednesday) to XNUMXth (Friday) due to book inspection.

   ★ From XNUMX/XNUMX (Tuesday) to XNUMX/XNUMX (Friday), the Aoki Village Library will be closed due to the collection inspection.


Month Closed

      Eleven/XNUMX (Thursday: National holiday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Wednesday: National holiday) XNUMX (Sunday)

    XNUMX (Wed: sorted out at the end of the month)

    Twelve/ XNUMX (Sun)

[Announcement of the start of collaborative digital library "Digitosho Shinshu" by municipalities and prefectures]


0802_"Dejitosho Shinshu" logo white            


 From August 8th (Friday), the collaborative digital library “Dejitosho Shinshu” by municipalities and prefectures will start.did.
 Electronic libraries use smartphones, tablets, and computers to
 e-library site
This is a service that allows you to borrow and read e-books from

 To use "Digi Tosho Shinshu", you need to apply at the library.
 Please have the following two ready when you apply.      

  ① Library card                                                            
  (XNUMX) Identity verification (driver's license, etc.)                                                          
 If you live in Nagawa Town, please apply at the Nagato Library window in Nawa Town. 



  Q&A for users ⇒ Q&A for users [DOCX: 17KB]



0520_Image diagram (collaborative digital library)


Contact us

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TEL: 0268-68-4400
FAX: 0268-68-4402