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The Nagato petting Museum has been the hotel's library. Please feel free to use.

toshokan"Street address"
NAGAWA Nagakubo 457 over 1 (NAGAWA Nagato petting-site)

- Tuesday to Friday morning 9 when pm 6 time
Saturday to Sunday morning 9 time-afternoon 5 time

"closing day"
And holidays (If Monday is a public holiday, will also be closed on Tuesday.)
- Last day of each month (in the case Sunday opened Monday and Tuesday will be closed.)
New Year's holiday
- Special arrangement period

About Ecole

echolEcole is a nickname for the Ueda area library information network, a combination of Yamabiko 's "Echo" (ECHO) and Library (library)' s initial letter "L". We aimed at "anytime, anywhere, anyone" and started in Heisei 7 year 12 month.

Currently, in addition to the public libraries (rooms) of 5 municipalities in Ueda City, Toga City, Nagato Town, Aoki Village, Sakagashi Town, and Shiota Kominkan, etc. are connected by a network, books with books of 1 You can book, rent out and return anywhere.

For more information, please contact us to Nagato library.

Ueda Regional Library Information Network (Ecole)

How about this book?

Theme "This year is a proper general cleaning"

When the end of the year is approaching, a big cleaning will get you through your head, but it's tedious and tedious. I want to do what I can prepare for now. So this month, I will introduce a cleaning book. From cleaning that can be done quickly, to cleaning and storing kitchen ventilators, eco-cleaning is possible with items that can be seen even at 100 degrees. Let's start with what we can do, and this year, let's complete the cleaning.

Book name



Contents Introduction

The strongest recipe for natural cleaning

Sagami(Sako) Noriko(Noriko)


The three major items are sodium percarbonate, baking soda and citric acid. A natural cleaning expert introduces the latest cleaning techniques in an easy-to-understand manner. Introducing washing techniques to remove troublesome stains such as stains and dullness on clothing.

Clean up all over the house! Convenient tricks for "slip sticks"

Kayoko Takeuchi

Seishun Publisher

It's okay to have a lot of things or a house. “Do not break up” is solved with a stick. "Dr. Tsuppuri stick", who is the third generation president of the stick maker, has made public the home using 150 sticks and how to use the stick.

Anatomy picture book for cleaning

Japan House Cleaning Association


Correct cleaning is actually easy. Cleaning professionals who nurture professionals released cleaning methods tailored to the level of dirt. Introducing efficient tricks that do not require time and effort, and that do not rely on special detergents, as well as ideas for keeping clean.

Only Saturday morning! Weekly housework followed by “Neat”

Serizawa(Yanagisawa) Child(この)Fruit(Body)

Yamato Shobo(Daishoshobo)

I'm busy, but I want to make my life more fun and wonderful! Therefore, we propose “Weekend Housework” to do housework efficiently in 3 hours on weekends. Introducing by level, from "minimum things you want to do" to "what you want to do if you can take a break".

Housekeeper Takashi who can't make reservations

TAKASJI / Supervision


Three points to make cleaning easier, effective drying techniques, and care for off-season items ... A housework professional working at the housekeeping service "Tusukaji" will give tips on housework practiced at the client's home.

Featured this month

"Sunset"Author: Kanae Tsuji Publication: Haruki Kadokawa Office

New screenwriterWorth(Or)Chihiro(Chihiro)Was consulted about a new work from up-and-coming movie director Hasebe. Hasebe says he wants to work on the “Kusukazuka-cho family murder case” that happened 15 years ago, and the ruling has been finalized. A story of the prayers and rebirths of people who saw the trap of despair.

"Woman wearing a Noir"Author:(Jin)Protection(Your)Kazumi Publisher: Kodansha

Is it a penalty for disgrace? Nami Nishizawa, a business fire extinguisher contractor, infiltrated a civil society to suppress a demonstration against a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The leader introduced him as a comrade to his lover, Yukie.

Edogawa Ranpo Award 65th Edogawa Ranpo Award

Introduction of New Books

Book title

Author's name



Prayer of dying things

中山( Shichiri(Tightly)

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.


Carryover of Tenpo Fourteen Years

Takahisa Igarashi

PHP Institute


Rugby can be crazy with 3 rules

Shotaro Onishi

Crocodile books


Baby sign that can be understood by manga

Michiru Yoshinaka

Little land


Shinkansen Encyclopedia

"Travel and Railway" editorial department / edition

Natural dreamer(Temujin)


Huge airport

Kamada(Oops) Walk(Ayumi)

Gospel building bookstore

Picture book


Hirotaka Nakagawa

Hikari no Kuni

Picture book

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* From 12 / 23 (Monday) to 1 / 9 (Thursday) next year, the entire library of Ecole will be closed for the library system update. Details will be announced in the December issue.

Thank you for your inconvenience.

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