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NAGAWA library

Published 2018 years 01 month 15 Date

Last updated 2020 years 07 month 09 Date

The Nagato petting Museum has been the hotel's library. Please feel free to use.

toshokan"Street address"
NAGAWA Nagakubo 457 over 1 (NAGAWA Nagato petting-site)

- Tuesday to Friday morning 9 when pm 6 time
Saturday to Sunday morning 9 time-afternoon 5 time

"closing day"
And holidays (If Monday is a public holiday, will also be closed on Tuesday.)
- Last day of each month (in the case Sunday opened Monday and Tuesday will be closed.)
New Year's holiday
- Special arrangement period

About Ecole

echolEcole is a nickname for the Ueda area library information network, a combination of Yamabiko 's "Echo" (ECHO) and Library (library)' s initial letter "L". We aimed at "anytime, anywhere, anyone" and started in Heisei 7 year 12 month.

Currently, in addition to the public libraries (rooms) of 5 municipalities in Ueda City, Toga City, Nagato Town, Aoki Village, Sakagashi Town, and Shiota Kominkan, etc. are connected by a network, books with books of 1 You can book, rent out and return anywhere.

For more information, please contact us to Nagato library.

Ueda Regional Library Information Network (Ecole)

How about this book?

Theme "XNUMXrd Naoki Prize candidate works"

616rd Akutagawa Ryunosuke Award,Naoki(Naoki)Thirty five(Thirty five)The prize candidate works have been announced. Each5The work is selected,SevenThe selection process will be held on Wednesday, March 15th, and the award-winning works will be decided. Among the Akutagawa Prize candidate works, Bungo Osamu Dazai is his grandfather, the eldest daughter of the writer Yuko Shimazu and a playwright.Ishihara(Ishihara)His "Kicking Red Sand" (Bungei Shunju) has been nominated and has become a hot topic. Whether or not my grandchild will fulfill my grandfather's wish...I'm looking forward to it. Book early.

Book name



    Content introduction

Spinning clouds

Ibuki(IBUKI) Yuuki(snow)

Literary spring and autumn

Can broken families become one again?? A story about the thread of the hearts of the three generations of parents and children, around the "timeless cloth" homespun, which is made by hand dyeing, spinning and weaving wool.

Silver(Gin)flower(Or) OfWarehouse(Kura)

Toda(Toda) Junko(Junko)

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.

Even if blood is not connected, it is a family. Japan at the Osaka Expo. Ginka, a girl who grew up in the historic Hozo oil warehouse, grows up as she confronts the family's hidden past and the hardships that hit her family.


Shogo Imamura


Tensho5One evening in the year, there was a bulletin to Nobunaga Oda. Matsuneka Hidehide, who should have been loyal to Nobunaga2Second timerebellion(Muhon)I planned. But, surprisingly, Nobunaga smiled and spoke.

Nogaku Monogatari Chigozakura

Sawada((I.e.) Hitomi(Toko)


Breaking, revenge, jealousy, deception, atonement... The heart of the heart burns in the flame of passion. "Mountain niece(Yamanba)""Small blacksmith(Koji)""Good-looking bird(Finally)""Aoi(Above blue)Was suggested by a Noh masterpiece8Contains the story of the story.

Boy and dog

Treat(Hase) (Fault)week(Zhou)

文藝 春秋

A dog picked up by a man who cried for his family. The dog, who became a guardian god, had a certain will. All about lifelessness and mystery of dogs6The compilation is included.

Featured this month

"Kitaki Kitacho"Author: Miyuki Miyabe Publisher: PHPgraduate School

Edo is Fukagawa, Kitaichi who succeeds the father's trace and draws Oka, grows with the help of his partner Kitaji and Okami, and solves the case Mystery solving × mystery × humanity's predatory series , First1Bullet.

"World history changed by a dictator"・Second volumeEditor: Olivier Gez Publisher: Hara Shobo

Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Hideki Tojo, Gold of the Third Generation(Kim), Mao Zedong, Castro, Gaddafi, Pol Pot, Khomeini and others.20We select those who are helpful in understanding the dictatorship of the century, and draw a portrait of them based on thorough research. Also includes detailed dictator chronology with commentary.

Introduction of New Books

Book title

Author's name



Pipocrate's Trial

Shichiri Nakayama



Not alive or killed

Kusakabe sheep

Asahi Shimbun Publishing


Drug addiction

Kiyohara Kazuhiro

文藝 春秋

Description of fight against illness

366Baby food of the day

Ueda Reiko

Housewife friend



Someya Kanako

PHPgraduate School

Children's reading

Nationwide train encyclopedia



Bacteria Hotel

Kim Sung Hwa

Gold star company

Picture book

Library bulletin board

Soybeans, which are indispensable for Japanese dining, are only 75%. This year marks the XNUMXth anniversary of the end of the war.

Why don't you find out about soybeans, a familiar and valuable food that saved the Japanese after the war? Haruno Matsumoto's "Maho no Mame" (Bungei Shunju). I want young children to know about soybeans. It is a food education picture book that parents and children can enjoy learning.

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9 / XNUMX (Tue: Arrange) XNUMX (Mon)

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