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NAGAWA library

Published 2020 years 08 month 11 Date

Last updated 2023 years 10 month 05 Date

The Nagato petting Museum has been the hotel's library. Please feel free to use.

toshokan"Street address"
 457-1 Nagakubo, Nagawa Town (Nagato Fureai Hall, Nagawa Town)

 ・ Monday-Friday: XNUMX am-XNUMXpm
 ・ Saturday: XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm

"closing day"
 -Sundays, public holidays, in-house arrangement days, special arrangement period, year-end and New Year holidays


 About Ecole

echolEcole is a nickname for the Ueda Regional Library Information Network, and is a composite word that combines Yamabiko's "echo" (ECHO) and the acronym "L" for Library. It started in December 7 with the aim of "anytime, anywhere, anyone".

Currently, in addition to the public libraries (rooms) of 5 municipalities in Ueda City, Toga City, Nagato Town, Aoki Village, Sakagashi Town, and Shiota Kominkan, etc. are connected by a network, books with books of 1 You can book, rent out and return anywhere.

For more information, please contact us to Nagato library.


Ueda Regional Library Information Network (Ecole)


How about this book?

 Theme “XNUMX Reading Week


 October 10th to November 27th is Reading Week, and the motto for this week is ``Bookmarks advance at my own pace.''
 The motto for Spring Children's Reading Week was ``Open, Close, Smiles Increased.''
 Every time, I'm impressed by how wonderful the slogan is.Reading Week is a time when both children and adults think about the importance of reading.
Difficulties aside, I would be happy if reading became a habit of choosing a book with excitement and enjoying the world of books.



  Book name



Content introduction

Bonbon Saiku

Miyuki Miyabe


What kind of story lurks deep within the world of haiku, made up of just 17 sounds?Contains a total of 12 delicate and colorful stories, including ``There's Someone Who Calls a Withered Sunflower and Turns around'', which depicts the unresolved feelings of a lonely woman.

Who steals this book

Deep green(Fukamidori) Nobun(Aside


Mifuyu, a high school student whose great-grandfather was a book collector, does not like books.Her book collection is stolen, a book curse is activated, and the town transforms into a world of stories.Mifuyu realizes that he won't be able to return to normal unless he catches the thief...

Biography of William Morris

Hisayasu Hirukawa

平凡 社

William Morris was an artist and craftsman who lived during the Victorian era in England.Father of modern design, great poet and socialist.This book describes the life and work of a man who sincerely sought beauty, truth, and its expression, and who continued to make constant progress.

Hot dog


caldecott award

Ezra Jack Keats Award

Doug Sarati


A big city in the sweltering heat of summer.A dog that looks like a hot dog goes out for a walk, but he gives up in this heat and is already exhausted.So what did the female owner do?A picture book depicting the languor of summer and the exhilaration of a summer resort.

chinese god of death

Toru Otani


The Chinese god of death, Mujo, is a demon of folk belief.Based on fieldwork, this book traces the historical evolution of impermanence and reveals the process by which it rose from a yokai to a god, as well as the principles behind the folk beliefs behind it.




Featured this month


"Predator" Author: Atsuko Asano Publisher: Shueisha

 Japan in 2032 has become a society with serious disparities.Around XNUMX magazine reporter/Kazu Akemi(Akemi Kazu)It is,
While continuing to interview street children, he is attacked by a mysterious group called Predators.Anti-utopian novel.

"After School Mystery Club Goldfish Swimming Pool Incident" Author: Mikito Chinen Publisher: Rightssha

 night school.A goldfish released into the pool.Who and why? Tenma Tsujido, Riku Yuzuki, and Misuzu Kamiyama from Class 4 of 1th grade.
The so-called "Mystery Trio" comes to life at the request of the teacher! A full-scale mystery children's book that parents and children can enjoy by author Mikito Chinen.



Introduction of New Books

Book title

Author's name



reverse justice

Atsushi Shimomura




Bin Konno Gentosha



Akane Chihaya

文藝 春秋


Montessori style voice conversion workbook


Treasure Island


Anime Comic Oshiri Tantei XNUMX

Fumiyo Kawakami

Poplar company


benny water hat

Shiomitsu Sachika


Picture book

Wanpaku Danmajo no Yakata

Yukino Yumiko

Hisakata Child

Picture book


Library bulletin board

 *Notice of closure due to library inspection
  Tomi Library will be closed from October XNUMXth (Tuesday) to October XNUMXth (Friday).
  Nagato Library will be closed from October XNUMXrd (Monday) to October XNUMXth (Friday).
  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Month Closed

 Ten/XNUMX (Sun) XNUMX (Mon: Organizing) XNUMX (Sun) XNUMX (Mon: Holiday) XNUMX (Sun) XNUMX (Sun)
    XNUMX-XNUMX (Mon-Fri: Library inspection) XNUMX (Sun) XNUMX (Tue: end-of-month sorting)




[Announcement of the start of collaborative digital library "Digitosho Shinshu" by municipalities and prefectures]




0802_"Dejitosho Shinshu" logo white            





 From August 8th (Friday), the joint digital library "Dejitosho Shinshu" by municipalities and prefectures has started.
 Electronic libraries use smartphones, tablets, and computers to
 e-library site
This is a service that allows you to borrow and read e-books from


 To use "Digi Tosho Shinshu", you need to apply at the library.
 Please have the following two ready when you apply.      

  ① Library card                                                            
  (XNUMX) Identity verification (driver's license, etc.)                                                          
 If you live in Nagawa Town, please apply at the Nagato Library window in Nawa Town. 



 Q&A for users ⇒ Q&A for users [DOCX: 17KB]



0520_Image diagram (collaborative digital library)


Contact Us

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TEL : 0268-68-4400
FAX : 0268-68-4402