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NAGAWA library

Published 2020 years 08 month 11 Date

Last updated 2023 years 05 month 11 Date

The Nagato petting Museum has been the hotel's library. Please feel free to use.

toshokan"Street address"
 457-1 Nagakubo, Nagawa Town (Nagato Fureai Hall, Nagawa Town)

 ・ Monday-Friday: XNUMX am-XNUMXpm
 ・ Saturday: XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm

"closing day"
 -Sundays, public holidays, in-house arrangement days, special arrangement period, year-end and New Year holidays

About Ecole

echolEcole is a nickname for the Ueda Regional Library Information Network, and is a composite word that combines Yamabiko's "echo" (ECHO) and the acronym "L" for Library. It started in December 7 with the aim of "anytime, anywhere, anyone".

Currently, in addition to the public libraries (rooms) of 5 municipalities in Ueda City, Toga City, Nagato Town, Aoki Village, Sakagashi Town, and Shiota Kominkan, etc. are connected by a network, books with books of 1 You can book, rent out and return anywhere.

For more information, please contact us to Nagato library.


Ueda Regional Library Information Network (Ecole)

How about this book?

 Theme "Reason to travel


 The first step of Basho Matsuo's journey was May 1689, 5.From Fukagawa in Edo,
 About 2,400km on foot from Tohoku to Ogaki in Gifu became "Oku no Hosomichi".
 Perhaps the reason why I travel is the emotion that rises when I face the scenery I see for the first time.

 May 5th is travel day.How about a book for the first step of your journey?You can enjoy the feeling of traveling just by looking at it.



  Book name



Content introduction

decipher with pictures
Oku no Hosomichi Encyclopedia


Akane Shobo

Introducing Matsuo Basho's travelogue "Oku no Hosomichi", which was the reason for the establishment of the day of the trip, with photos and illustrations.All haiku are accompanied by explanations of their meanings and seasonal words.Challenge!Let's read ancient texts aloud.

geography buff teaches
How to enjoy traveling and walking around town

Tatsuaki Sakuta

Beret Publishing

For people who are "interested in geography and town walks, but don't know how to enjoy them", we introduce know-how to enjoy walking, traveling, reading, and activities with friends from the perspective of geography.

How to walk the earth
Japan that I want to learn now

Hachiya(Hachiya) Shoon(Shoto

Gakken plus

A professional guide who guides foreign visitors to Japan introduces the charm of Japan that he wants to convey to Japanese people.Explains Japanese culture such as manga and anime, Japanese food and work culture.Recommended Golden Route is also posted.

Illustrated Japanese island


Asakura Shoten

Japan has 6,484 islands, of which 416 are inhabited.76 inhabited islands such as Rebun Island, Izu Oshima, Awaji Island, Tsushima, and Yakushima are introduced visually with photographs.

Hot spring XNUMX famous mountains

Toshio Iide


Famous mountains nurture famous hot springs! Hot spring masters have selected 100 famous mountains with famous hot springs from all over Japan.A complete record of mountain bathing, healing in the mountains and overcoming illness. Also includes extra editions such as "How many hot springs are there that can only be reached on foot?"







Featured this month


"I fell in love with you. 』 Author: Shion Miura Publisher: Yamato Books


 Every day with "Kyun" is generally happy.Shion Miura's daily life, sometimes extraordinary, filled with love, laughter, and delusions.
 A collection of essays written in various magazines and newspapers between 2012 and 2022.




"The Curse of a Mother, the Prison of a Daughter"  Author: Aya Saito Publisher: Kodansha


 Why did the daughter of "medical school 9th ​​wave" stabbed her mother to death?
 A writer who used to be a judicial reporter, based on a huge amount of letters exchanged with his daughter in prison,
Non-fiction for those who are trapped in "educational faith" and for all mothers and daughters.







Introduction of New Books



Book title

Author's name



Toridori Midori

Naka Saijo



book selling days

Bunpei Aoyama 文藝 春秋


four days family

Nanao Kawase



Zanyo no Kaku Dark Doctor Oen Secret Chronicle XNUMX

Atsuko Asano

Central public opinion new company


Before you forget your kindness

Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Sunmark Publishing


Hone Hone Zaurus XNUMX

Kabaya Foods Co., Ltd.

Iwasaki Shoten

Children's reading

where the hell am i

Yoshitake Shinsuke

Bronze new company

Picture book







Library bulletin board


   I forgot the password for online reservation!Have you ever experienced something like this?
   You can now change your password from the Ecole website, which you could not do until now unless you visit the museum.
  From the "User Menu", click "User Inquiry" and "New Password Registration" and enter the required information.
   If you have any questions, please contact the library.







Month Closed




     Five/XNUMX (Monday: Sorting) XNUMX-XNUMX (Wednesday-Friday: Holiday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Sunday) XNUMX (Sunday)  XNUMX(Water: organize)


    6/ XNUMX (Sun)







[Announcement of the start of collaborative digital library "Digitosho Shinshu" by municipalities and prefectures]








0802_"Dejitosho Shinshu" logo white            






 From August 8th (Friday), the collaborative digital library “Dejitosho Shinshu” by municipalities and prefectures will start.did.
 Electronic libraries use smartphones, tablets, and computers to
 e-library site
This is a service that allows you to borrow and read e-books from




 To use "Digi Tosho Shinshu", you need to apply at the library.
 Please have the following two ready when you apply.      

  ① Library card                                                            
  (XNUMX) Identity verification (driver's license, etc.)                                                          
 If you live in Nagawa Town, please apply at the Nagato Library window in Nawa Town. 





  Q&A for users ⇒ Q&A for users [DOCX: 17KB]






0520_Image diagram (collaborative digital library)
















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