Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day · Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week

Published 2017 years 12 month 22 Date

Last updated 2017 years 12 month 22 Date


On the occasion of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurring on January 1995, the citizens widely recognized the volunteer activities and voluntary disaster prevention activities at the time of disaster, including disaster-related organizations such as governments, local governments, etc. , "Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day" and "Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week" are established with the aim of improving and preparing for disaster preparedness, and we will implement publicity and educational activities during these periods.

【Period etc】

  • Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day Every January 17 Day (Great Earthquake Disaster Day)
  • Anti-sand and volunteer weeks January 15 day (Monday) to January 21 day (Sunday)

[Preparing for disasters etc]

Do you not feel confident about "I am OK?" Inspect the house and surroundings as well!

In order not to suffer the damage, it is necessary to prepare from time to time and preparation. "Protect yourself yourself"!

Even those who have already prepared can reconfirm the deadlines for foods and medicines and prepare food for 3 days!

Food related Drinking water (3 liters per person per day), biscuits / biscuits, canned foods / retort / instant foods
Medical supplies Acupuncture medicine · wound medicine etc, tissue paper (gauze · bandage etc.), toilet paper
Valuables Cash (coins), deposit passbook · personal seal, driver's license · health insurance card
Clothing etc. Gloves / hat, rain gear, mask, helmet (convenient if you have one)
Other Radio, flashlight, towel, writing instrument · memo pad, vinyl · garbage bag, whistle, match · writer, can opener · knife, candle, battery, wet tissue, poly tank, rope etc.

Let 's also check evacuation places in case of emergency!

Disaster prevention information
Disaster Preparedness Handbook ~ Let's know various disasters ~

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