About Heiseiki 29 year final return declaration

Published 2018 years 01 month 04 Date

Last updated 2018 years 01 month 04 Date

Heisei 30 February Tax return for Heisei 16 is done from 15 day (Friday) until March 29 day (Thursday).


Nagato-cho first floor meeting room 1st conference room (Nagawa-cho Furumachi 4247-1)

Please note that we can not consult with each branch office or public hall from this fiscal year because we can not carry out personal computer due to security forced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Town prefectural tax · Income tax declaration venue and schedule

Month Day Day of the week

Morning department 8 hour 30 minutes ~ 11 hour 30 minutes

Afternoon department 13 hour 30 minutes ~ 15 hour 00 minutes
2 月 16 Day a.m. Nagakubo District 3        
afternoon Nagakubo 4 wards Nagakubo 1-ku      
19 Day Month a.m. Nagakubo 2 wards Nagakubo 5-ku Gakusha Nagakubo Village    
afternoon Nagakubo 6th district Nagakubo 7 wards Nagakubo 8 wards    
20 Day a.m. Nagakubo 9 wards Nagakubo 10 wards 11th Nagakubo    
afternoon Nagakubo 12 wards Nagakubo 13 wards Nagakubo 14 wards    
21 Day water a.m. Nagakubo 15-ku Nagakubo 16 wards Nagakubo 17 wards    
afternoon Miyanichi Miyanoji Miyanozo    
22 Day a.m. Ochiai Four nights A shop Four nights municipal housing  
afternoon Iwai Kubo Kubo Takayama Daiichi Takiyama second
23 Day a.m. Kamonoichi Kami Niji Konosuzo ON Daimon public housing  
afternoon Top Russia Kamonoku Kamonogate Komigayagaya
26 Day Month a.m. Himeki Daiichi Himeki II Shirakaba Highland Touch of contact Beautiful pine
afternoon Nakamachi Uemachi Karasawa    
27 Day a.m. Hashidate Downtown      
afternoon Middle group Kubo      
28 Day water a.m. original        
afternoon Forge foot        
March 1 Day a.m. Aobara No Yome      
afternoon Out large        
2 Day a.m. Hosio Circumstance      
afternoon Kamigumi        
5 Day Month a.m. Temporary accommodation        
afternoon Nitta Man and woman Asahigaoka    
6 Day a.m. Temple Depression Obligation Dojo  
afternoon Yamane Descendants Tanaka Offing  
7 Day water a.m. Neutral rock Furumachi scholar Village      
afternoon Arisaka        
8 Day a.m. Sakuramachi        
afternoon Fujimi cho Ueshitei Above Tateiwa municipal housing    
9 Day a.m. Kamimachi 1st Uemachi second A lodging    
afternoon Uenaka cho Nakamachi First Nakamachi second Public housing  
12 Day Month a.m. Shimomachi 1st Downtown second      
afternoon Kitafuruya Gotanda Takinosawa Ichigi Town Management  
13 Day a.m. Those who could not come in Wada district
14 Day water a.m. Nagakubo those who could not come at the district
15 Day a.m. Those who could not come in Furumachi-Daimon district
  • Those who declare the town prefectural tax, please fill out and bring along the declaration we will distribute along with the press issue February issue.
  • Please submit the agricultural balance calculation table to the office by January 30 of Heisei 31. Those who started farming newly, the office or the townホ ー ム ペ ー ジThe paper is Yes been prepared for.
  • In addition, please refer to the National Tax Agency's homepage for detailed information on the final return or for declaration using a personal computer.
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