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Cable television rental fee etc. of Changwa-machi will be changed

Published 2017 years 12 month 19 Date

Last updated 2018 years 10 month 09 Date

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Nagatocho Cable TV "Kuroyo no Sato Yui Net".

We have revised the ordinance to continue the proper management of cable television business and stable provision of various services, and partly revised about cable television facility usage fee etc.

We will start providing services at revised rates from Heisei 30 year 1 month 1 day. For customers, we ask for understanding and cooperation in proper operation of cable TV business and service continuation.

About revision of various fees

From 1st January Heisei 30, the fee will be changed from the table above to the table below. (All rates are tax included.)

Old rate system
Type Amount of money Remarks
Subscription contributions A new 110,000 yen When joining
Retractable construction Actual cost 25,000 yen
Usage fee Cable TV 1,500 yen Monthly amount
CS digital basic pack Actual cost
Economy course (2M course) 2,000 yen
Standard course (10M course) 3,000 yen
Premium course (100M course) 4,000 yen
IP phone course
(TA rental fee included, universal service fee and call charge)
1,000 yen
Internet Options Service Actual cost Read More
Commission Internet set fee 5,250 yen When joining

New price system
Type Amount of money Remarks
Fees and contributions New registration fee 32,400 yen When joining
Retractable construction Actual cost When joining
Dormant restart fee 5,400 yen Bill on restart month
Internet set fee 5,250 yen When joining
Facility usage fee Set top box charge Actual cost  
Cable TV 1,500 yen Monthly amount
CS digital basic pack Actual cost
Economy course (2M course) 2,000 yen
Standard course (10M course) 3,000 yen
Premium course (100M course) 4,000 yen
IP phone course
(TA rental fee included, universal service fee and call charge)
1,000 yen
Internet Options Service Actual cost
Cable TV pause charge 750 yen
Internet outage fee 540 yen
Other fee Cable modem supplementary purchase cost 10,000 yen 1 units
Additional notice terminal purchase cost 15,000 yen
Cable modem return penalty charge 10,000 yen When withdrawal
Notification terminal return penalty charge 15,000 yen

Points to keep in mind with this revision

On cable branching within the same premises

When branching the wiring newly on the same premises after the Heisei 30 January 1st and pulling in the CATV line to different houses, each household head will be a subscriber and a cable television facility usage fee will also be generated separately. In addition, payment of subscription fee is unnecessary if any householder has already paid subscription fee or subscription fee.

The figure below is a pattern divided between cases where individual contract is required and case not so. For customers planning to see cable television branched on the same premises, please refer.

Also, if you do not fall under any of the examples below, please consult us separately. (Such as when there are more than 3 buildings on the same premises)



About subscription fee

When you join a cable television facility, you will receive a registration fee of 32,400 yen, but if you are only using cable Internet, please be careful if you are considering using only cable Internet . For customers already subscribing to either cable TV or cable Internet, no subscription fee will be incurred if additional TV / Internet services are used.

About restart fee

Regarding the restart commencement fee, we will also cover customers who are using the Internet, not just customers using cable television. The fee will be charged on the most recent billing date of the resumption application month.

Implementation of transitional measures accompanying fee revision


In addition, the above will be based on the service use (change) date that is described in the documents submitted instead of the application date.

In addition, this transitional treatment is subject to the restart commencement fee for television / internet and Internet downtime fee.

About change of measures for delinquent

We send dunning letters to customers who are not delinquent. For each reminder letter, we will collect additional 100 yen as a dunning commission.

Also, if the cumulative delinquent amount exceeds six months' worth of the contracted service, we will cancel the subscription.

Example: Only for cable television (monthly amount 1,500 yen) contract

1,500 yen × 6 months' worth = 9,000 yen or more with no delinquency

In case of contracting cable TV (monthly sum 1,500 yen) and Internet 2 M course (monthly amount 2,000 yen)

1,500 yen (TV, Internet total fee) × 6 months worth = subscribe with delinquency exceeding 21,000 yen

  • When subscription is canceled, you can not watch cable TV or use the Internet.
  • When payment of the cable television facility usage fee is difficult, please contact us in advance.

Other notice regarding cable TV

On the preliminary investigation of the construction of optical cables on transmission lines

Currently we are preparing plans to shift cable television transmission equipment to optical line in Nagato Town. Considering the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 year, the start of so-called super high vision broadcasting of 4K · 8K is being studied.

Super Hi-Vision broadcasting can broadcast higher definition video than the current high-vision broadcasting (2K broadcasting), but the amount of data becomes very large on the other hand, so now it is owned by Changwa-cho With transmission equipment, Super Hi - Vision broadcasting can not be implemented. Also, cable transmission facilities in Changwa Town have been in operation for more than 10 years since introduction, and disorder due to aging has also occurred.

In order to solve these problems, the town is preparing a plan to convert the transmission equipment of cable television into optical cable (FTTH), and currently the contractor is conducting a survey on the current state of transmission facilities in town.

This survey is designed to confirm the status of the current transmission line and to examine the future design policy. Please be forewarned that workers will have binoculars and carry out survey on your home's lead-in line as everyone's lead-in line etc. are also subject to survey. The investigation is scheduled to end at around 30 Heisei 3 year.

About watching TV Tokyo

2014 year (Heisei 26 year) 7 month As the terrestrial wave was completely transferred to digital broadcasting on 24 date, simultaneous rebroadcasting of the key stations of Tokyo, which are areas outside the area, has ended.
However, regarding TV TOKYO, since there is no affiliated station in the prefecture, viewing continues until 2020 3 month 31 day, with the consent of simultaneous rebroadcast by the transitional measure "Rapid change mitigation measures" to protect viewers' interests It will be.
We will continue discussions with relevant organizations concerning continued viewing and listening.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

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