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Mr. Yukie Otake, curator curator of Nagato cho school board of education received the Japan Ikomos Award!

Published 2017 years 12 month 07 Date

Last updated 2017 years 12 month 07 Date

Mr. Yukie Otake【Winner】

Mr. Otake Sachie
Assistant Director of Education Division Education Division, Nagano Prefecture Board of Education · Assistant Director of Cultural Property, Curator Experience Museum curator


Shinshu Jomon period eraishi stone survey research · preservation dissemination · systematic development activities related to experience learning

【Reason for Winning】

 Yukie Otake has been conducting research on obsidian mining and distribution for a quarter of a century, centering on the Takayama Sites, which is one of the obsidian origins concentrated in the central highlands of Nagano Prefecture.In particular, the concrete method of mining and the actual condition of continuation and interruption of mining were clarified by investigating the obsidian mining traces of the Jomon period, which were found at about 200 places at Hoshikusotoge.
 In January 2001, the mining traces were designated as a national historic site as the "Hoshikuzunosato Obsidian Origin Site", and the Nagawa Town "Hoshikuzu no Sato Takayama Obsidian Experience Museum" was established at the foot of the pass. Based there, we are focusing on exhibition activities that convey research in an easy-to-understand manner, and are promoting a wide variety of experiential learning, original events, and the "Obsidian Hometown Festival."
 Mr. Otake is known all over the country for his explanations of exhibits and hands-on learning at the Kuroyoseki Experience Museum, and is also attracting attention from abroad. Introduced by.There are many repeaters in the various efforts at the experience museum, and it boasts an exceptional ability to attract customers as a museum in the mountains.
 In addition, Nagawa Town signed the world's first sister archaeological agreement with the famous Neolithic flint archaeological site, Grimes Graves, in 2016 in Thetford, England, due to the commonality of "mining site". Although it was signed, Mr. Otake also played a central role here, leading the "Nagawa Youth Obsidian Ambassador" consisting of 14 junior high and high school students.
 In this way, based on the experience museum located in the mountainous area of ​​Obsidian in Nagano Prefecture, the systematic development activities related to research, preservation and dissemination, and experiential learning of the obsidian mine during the Shinshu Jomon period are the preservation of grassroots ruins. It is also noteworthy as a form of dissemination and utilization.The practice of Mr. Otake, who has taken the lead in promoting activities, is highly evaluated.
 For the above achievements, the Japan Icomos National Committee will award Mr. Yukie Otake the "Japan Icomos Award 2017".

【Mr. Yukie Otake's main research achievement】

(2017) "Museum activities utilizing the historical heritage of black and yellow stones and dreams for world heritage" "Nagano Prefecture archaeological journal" 154 Special issue "Shinshu origin obsidian issues: Shinshu Omiho Forum 2009-2014" Nagano Prefecture Archaeological Society
(2015) "Takayama ruins group VII" (co-author) Changwa-cho Board of Education · Takayama site survey team
(2015) "Experience learning activities making use of historical sites and activities of Kuroya stone experience museum" "Archeology journal" 666 New Science Company
(2014) "Development and Distribution of Black-and-Yellow Resources Surrounding Hoshigaki Pass" "Archeology Journal" 659 New Science Company
(2011) "Stars and drag path black rocky mining site and appearance of using gemstones in neighboring areas" "Shinshu Omerido Forum 2011" Shinshu Obsidian Forum Executive Committee
(2004) "Takayama ruins group exploring the origin of Kuroya stone" Shimizusha
(2003) "Takayama ruins group VI" (co-authored) Meishi University Kuroya stone research center in-site ruins excavation team
(2001) "Takayama ruins group V" (co-authored) Nagato-machi Board of Education · Takayama site survey team
(2001) "Excavation report accompanied by improvement works of the prefectural road Gendokuraga Nagato line - Excavation survey of Takayama I ruins and evacuation sites" (co-authored) Nagato cho Board of Education · Takayama remains investigative team
(2000) "Takayama ruins group IV" (co-authored) Nagato-machi Board of Education · Takayama site survey team
(1999) "Takayama ruins group III" (co-authored) Changwa-cho Board of Education · Takayama site survey team
(1998) "Place of Origin and Historical Ruins of Hoshigaki Pass" "X NUMX Nagano Prefecture Paleolithic Culture Research Exchange Meeting"
(1997) "Investigation of Nagato Town pursuing ruins" "The 9th Nagano Prefecture Paleolithic cultural research exchange meeting"
(1989) "Peacock Culture and Formation of Archaeological Sites" "Nagano Prefecture Archaeological Journal" 59 · 60 Special Feature "Spear Tip Shapes of the Chubu Highland" Nagano Prefecture Archaeological Society
(1987) "Stoneware group and its character of push-type literature pottery culture" "Higawazawa style sentence investigation research report" Okaya city board of education
(1986) "Section 5 Chino of the Earthenware Age" "History of Chino City" Kamiaki Chino Board of Education

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