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The 4 times NAGAWA town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy evaluation committee was held

Published 2017 years 11 month 17 Date

Last updated 2017 years 11 month 17 Date

4 roundtable · People · work Shinkansen Generation Comprehensive Strategy Evaluation Committee11 Moon 15 Day (Wednesday) At the activation facility "Kura", the 4 times Changwa Machi Town, People · Shigoto Tsukuba Creative Comprehensive Strategy Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Evaluation Committee") was held.

The evaluation committee is an organization to verify the measures and projects implemented based on the comprehensive strategy of the version of Nagato Town on regional development projects promoted by the government, including representatives of self-governing associations, representatives of parliament, And public recruitment committee, among others.

At the conference, the town department in charge explained the comprehensive strategy-related 29 project being implemented in Heisei 26 year based on the material for effectiveness verification, and the discussion on each project was exchanged. In the town, we will improve each business based on verification results and develop our business.

In addition, details of the verification result will be announced later on the town homepage.


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