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Published 2017 years 06 month 22 Date

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Mind travel
(Photo provided by NHK)


At NHK BS premium, travelers are broadcasting "Nippon traversing Kokoro journey" that traverses Japan by bicycle based on the letter sent to the program.

From the audience such as an unforgettable place that changed my life, the scenery of my hometown I want to leave forever, a magnificent view of my heart that I want to tell gently to someone, a unique and unique episode

The scenery and episode that we got will decide the route of "traveler".

"2017 autumn trip" starts Shinshu Nagano! While enjoying autumn, cross over the sea from Aichi, Mie and Wakayama to Shikoku. Cross the sea from Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi, Kyushu travels south of Oita and Miyazaki, traveling 11 a week aiming at Kagoshima.

I am waiting for a lot of scenery and episodes of mind.


  • Broadcasting period: Monday, September 25 - Friday, December 22
  • Broadcasting medium: NHK-BS premium
  • Airtime:
    • "Nippon Vertical Travel Journey" Asami 7: 45 ~ 7: 59 Monday - Friday
    • According to "Nippon Vertical Travel Journey ~ Touchako ~" by 7: 00 ~ 7: 29 Tue ~ Fri
    • 11: 00 ~ 11: 58 Sat (rebroadcast for Tuesday · Wednesday)
    • 11: 00 to 11: 58 day (re-broadcast for Thursday and Friday)

長野Prefecture broadcasting  September 25 (Mon) - September 29 (Fri) (planned)

  1. * On Monday morning, we introduced the highlights of the trip of the week and the "landscape of the mind" where the traveler could not visit.
  2. * Tuesday - Friday morning, the first day travel is summarized in 14 minutes everyday.
  3. ※ Night broadcast the completion edition of the day.
  4. ※ Saturday and Sunday, the travel of the week divided into two times rebroadcast

How to Apply

Fill out your address, name, age, gender, contact information and describe the content of the posting, to the program
Thank you program homepage · fax or letter.

  • Fax is ... 03 - 3465 - 1327
  • Letters ... 〒150-8001 NHK "Kokoro Journey" staff
  • Deadline (must arrive) Nagano Prefecture August 14 day (Monday) must arrive!

▼ Please see the program website for details

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