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Basic policy on safety management of specific personal information

Published 2017 years 03 month 31 Date

Last updated 2017 years 06 month 19 Date

  1. 1 Concept regarding protection of specific personal information
    1. In Chofu-cho, specific personal information, etc. are assigned in the affairs prescribed in the law concerning the use of numbers for identifying a specific individual in administrative proceedings (Heisei 25 Act No. 27, hereinafter referred to as "No. Act") handle. In the Code Act, since stricter protection measures are stipulated, such as limiting the scope of use of specific personal information etc., measures such as establishing management system, management regulations, handling regulations, etc. and complying with staff etc. Take appropriate measures to deal with specific personal information.
  2. 2 Protection policy for specific personal information
    1. In all affairs that deal with personal number and specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as "specific personal information, etc."), we treat specific personal information etc. appropriately as follows.
      1. (1) Compliance with laws and regulations
        1. When dealing with specific personal information etc, comply with the following laws and regulations.
        • Numbering system
        • Nagatomachi personal information protection ordinance (Heisei 17 year Nagato cho ordinance 19 number)
        • The ordinance concerning the use of personal numbers based on the law concerning the use of numbers, etc. for identifying a specific individual in administrative procedure of Nagato-machi (Heisei X NUMX year Nagato cho ordinance 27)
        • Nagatocho Information Security Policy
        • Guidelines on proper handling of specific personal information (administrative organizations, local public entities, etc. ed.) (Notification No. 6 of Heisei 26 Specific Personal Information Protection Committee)
        • Management regulations concerning protection of personal information possessed by Nagato Town etc.
        • Other related laws and regulations
      2. (2) Safety management measures
        1. Take safety control measures necessary for the prevention of leakage, loss and damage of specific personal information etc and other appropriate management.
      3. (3) Proper collection, storage, use, disposal, prohibition of non-purpose use
        1. Specific personal information and the like are properly used, collected, stored and provided within the scope required for achieving the purpose of use notified in advance to the principal of the affairs prescribed by the numbering law, and specific personal information Etc. promptly discard. Also, take measures to prevent non-purpose use.
      4. (4) Outsourcing / re-entrusting
        1. In the case of consigning all or part of the affairs that deal with specific personal information etc., measures equivalent to the safety control measures that Nagato Town himself should perform based on the numbering law are taken at the contractor (including the subcontractor) To do necessary and appropriate supervision.
      5. (5) Continuous Improvement
        1. Continually review the management system, management rules, handling regulations, etc. concerning the protection of specific personal information and strive to improve it.
  3. 3 Inquiries (including disclosure request, complaint consultation, etc.)
    1. Nagato-cho General Affairs Section 0268-68-3111

Nagato-cho _ Specific Personal Information Protection Management Regulations [PDF: 166KB]

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