Shinshu / Nagatacho Certified Encouragement Item No. X NUMX Akakura no Mori

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

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Akakura no MoriDeep-fried rainbow trout

Deep-fried rainbow trout

It is a deep-fried crispy texture that can be eaten even with snack feeling, pickled rainbow trout grown in clear waters of nature in a special sweet sauce and fried.
Fried chicken
The Akakura forest is in the wilderness that shows the beautiful appearance every season, camp sites, cottages and bungalows with the names of the animals living in this forest are scattered in various locations.
In the Akakura River which flows through the center, there are salamanders, rock fish, snow crabs, etc. There are plenty of spots that you can enjoy with your family, with places of fishing, squares, craft corners, contact places to play with rabbits and goats.
Akakura's forest (exterior)

Forest Akakura

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