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Shinshu / Nagatacho Certified Encouragement Item No. 08 Takeuchi Agricultural Products

Published 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Last updated 2017 years 05 month 29 Date

Takeuchi agricultural Nozawa Nanaki · Yakon soju

Nozawa Na漬

Yacon shochu
Healthy raw vegetables cultivated in a field with organic fertilizer were finished with low salt so that the original flavor of the vegetables is drawn. I can eat it with a sense of salad. We made shochu with yacon potatoes of our own cultivation. A gentle sweetness draws after it with a clean drinking mouth.
Nozawa's vegetables · Naga daughter
What decides the quality of pickles is the goodness of materials and water. In other words, the location condition of the production place is the key. Takeuchi agriculture is located at the foot of the water-clean Mikigahara Plateau and manufactures pickles using clean spring water sprinkling as much as 1 tons per minute. Moreover, Nozawa 菜 is a top-quality item that uses organic fertilizer manufactured at its own compost factory, contract cultivation by traditional organic farming method, limited production amount. Nozawa Nanpei, which uses Nozawa's vegetables, is a low salt concentration in all products, which is not comparable with other companies' products, so it can be used for making healthy people without sacrificing nutrients including the ingredients.
Nanohana Hall

Takeuchi agricultural
〒 386-0701 Wada Wada 1623
FAX.0120 - 41 - 6133 (toll - free)

Tsukemono place Nanohana Hall
〒 386-0603 Chofu-cho Oshimachi 2424-14
FAX: 0268-41-2052
● Opening hours / 9: 00 to 18: 00
11: 2 closed in winter (17 moon to 30 month)
● Closed only on regular holidays / year-end and New Year holidays

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