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Kuroyaishi experience museumBlack Yellow Stone Goods

Black Yellow Stone Amulet · Black Stone Strap · Star Knife etc.

Through the Jomon period from the Paleolithic, black 耀石 of Wadatoge and Hoshikusotoge production of NAGAWA has been distributed across the country as Japan's oldest brand. Black 耀石, which is also the symbol of the town is also famous as a power stone, is said to bring happiness to the owner.
In addition, all museums of goods handmade! For beads and a dragonfly ball also handmade, it does not have the same thing. 1 one of Why do not you look for yourself for the goods in the world?
Black Yellow Stone Goods
Kuroyaishi experience museum has a large variety of menus such as making stoneware and making a handball in addition to the attracting exhibition space, and the experience room where the maximum of 150 names can be experienced at the same time is a big feature. Think about yourself through your ancestral way of life. There are neither adults nor children, frankly sharing that time happily. Everyone please try challenging.
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Black 耀石 experience Museum
〒 386-0601 Daimon-cho X NUMX-X NUMX
TEL.0268-41-8050 FAX.0268-41-8052
● Opening Hours / 9: 00 to 16: 30
● Closed / Every Monday - New Year's Holiday
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