It will be held the flood-fighting training by NAGAWA fire brigade

Published 2017 years 04 month 12 Date

Last updated 2017 years 04 month 12 Date

In recent years, a house in the town by the torrential rains, has many occurred arable land damage.

In the firefighting team, every year, has been held under the guidance of TAKUBO southern fire station Yi the flood control training in preparation for the flood.

This year, also to everyone of the residents will be asked to participate, Itadakitaku in preparation for disaster, we will inform.

  • Know 29 o'clock date and time March 14 years May 30 Date 2 pm
  • Location Old Town, district Furumachi ground
    • Nagakubo district Nagakubo ground
    • Daimon district Daimon ground
    • Wada district office Wada branch office parking lot
  • The contents sandbags building
    • Masonry way of sandbags
      • Confirmation of the location such as sandbags

※ Because there is no application, Please gather to the day your local venue.


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