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Small product building of NAGAWA Tobizzo

Published 2017 years 03 month 01 Date

Last updated 2017 years 03 month 29 Date

Specialty products large set to represent the NAGAWA to "station Nagato Road Station quince" of NAGAWA! ! Nagawa is a small product building that delicious-friendly, valuable items in the center of the certified encouraged article is introduced to bring together in the town. Located in NAGAWA Chamber of Commerce Hall 1F of the station front of the road.

Origin of the name "Tobizzo" has come from the "Kuradashi" place to a "mighty," "surprised" products will be introduced, not the motif "and Bikkura" to refer to a foot race, a local dialect you. As of the foot race to compete with a smile cheerfully, is the name seems to Nagano Prefecture, was filled with the thought that to be able to create a Genki to local goods.

Tobizzo FacebookProducts handled: Shinano Kuroyama Dutan buckwheat products Nagato ranch dairy product, besides the Audrey Farm's mountain grape products and local produce sticky products, 68 items such as folkwort washi paper and paper cloth weaving and other handicraft items, black and yellow items 17 We will prepare as much as possible the encouraged products of our company. In the future as well, new special products such as raw ham, sunflower oil and sturgeon products produced by Nagatomachi will also appear!
Official Facebook pageIt is also extensive updating. I'm happy if I had you check the event information and product information.


TobizzoSmall product building of NAGAWA Tobizzo

Nagano Prefecture Koichi-gun Naga-machi 2424 Koncho 19 Chamaicho Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall 1F

Hours / 9:00 to 17:00
A day, seven days a week except for the holiday / New Year
TEL / 0268-75-1082
Facebook / http: //www.facebook.com/tobikkura/

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Industry Promotion Division specialty products development engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2083
FAX: 0268-68-4011