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We formulated the "NAGAWA public facilities such as a comprehensive management plan."

Published 2017 years 03 month 23 Date

Last updated 2017 years 03 month 23 Date

 Since the days of the former Nagato Town and the former Wada Village before the merger, Nagawa Town has aimed to improve the needs and services of residents, such as the development of social infrastructure such as roads and water supply, as well as the fields of culture, education, and welfare in both towns and villages. Many public facilities have been developed.

 However, some of these public facilities have deteriorated over the years since their construction, and it is expected that the cost burden for large-scale repairs and renewals of these facilities will become extremely large in the future. How to deal with this is also a big issue for the financial management of the town.

 Therefore, in our town, we have summarized the overall picture of public facilities currently owned by the town and the current state analysis of facilities for each purpose, and basics such as proper facility layout with an eye on the future and maintenance management including extension of facility life We have formulated the "Nagawa Town Public Facilities Comprehensive Management Plan" that defines the way of thinking and direction.

In the future, the NAGAWA, will continue to promote the management of public facilities, etc. in accordance with the present plan.

Public facilities, such as a comprehensive management plan [PDF: 1MB]

NAGAWA public facilities, such as a comprehensive management plan (Overview)

It is a public facility such as a comprehensive management plan

【the purpose】

To investigate and understand the current state of public facilities, etc., on the basis of the "NAGAWA public facilities white paper" which was compiled as basic data of the facility performs a database, based on the population dynamics and future financial status, etc., comprehensive and long-term from the point of view, effective use and proper placement, appropriate maintenance and management, etc., aims to develop a basic policy and basic plan on the conduct and management of public facilities, and the like.

[Planning period]

2016 year 28 year (FY 2045 year) from 57 year (FY 30 year)

※ social conditions and surrounding Hon, aims to review in light of the promotion situation of measures such as country, we aim to steady achievement of the plan.

[Target facility]

Honcho is, government buildings, owns elementary and junior high schools, cultural facilities and sports facilities wide variety of facilities and roads, bridges, water supply and sewerage facilities and infrastructure such as waterways, such as. Public facilities and the like that are of interest in this plan, and all the public facilities and infrastructure assets.

Basic awareness of the current situation and challenges

1. Changing needs due to progression and changes in the population structure of aging

Population changes in the whole town

Population changes in the whole town

The population of Honcho has continued to decrease, and see a different population composition ratio age division, the population of Showa 55 year younger population accounted for 17.6% of the population (0 ~ 14 years) is, in fiscal 27 year It has been reduced to 9.8%. The aging population (more than 65 years), but had been accounted for 55% of the population in Showa 16.3 year, in fiscal 27 year has increased to 37%. In addition, population 57's fiscal 3,656, young population 8.8% in the demographic ratio, the elderly population is estimated to be the 41.5%, nationwide population decline, but we are declining birthrate and aging population is willing, in Honcho we can see that it is also a similar situation.

Working generation is reduced, increase in the elderly
→ Decrease in financial strength due to increased social security costs and decreased tax revenue, changing needs for public facilities

2. Aging of public facilities

Changes in construction by year total floor area

Changes in construction by year total floor area

Looking at the total floor area of ​​the development situation in another building year of public facility of Honcho, continuous development has been continued. Old seismic criteria have been developed in a is Showa 55 before fiscal period that have been applied facility will climb to 26.1%. Looking Showa 55 fiscal previously in place the facilities in the large classification Apart from a total floor area, the townspeople culture-based facilities and school education system facility will occupy a lot.

In the future, concentrated facilities necessary to consider, such as reconstruction and large-scale renovation

3. An increase in the replacement demand of public facilities, etc.

Updated cost estimates of public facilities, etc. (if it is assumed that the holdings to public facilities, and the like to update on the same scale)

Updated cost estimates of public facilities, etc.

4. Limit of the financial resources applied to the public facilities

Result of the financial simulation, lack of resources of about 1 billion yen per 6.5 year have been expected

Revenue Breakdown transition simulation Expenditure breakdown transition simulation

From these results

Comparison of the amount of money that can be used with the necessary amount of public facilities investment

In the future 30 year, it is expected to produce a shortage of about 195.3 billion yen in the money required for the public facility investment

Reduction goal of the whole town in the plan period

  • From the above results, in the NAGAWA it was estimated the reduction rate of budget is balanced.

Reduction rate estimated


The results of the calculations, taking into account that the required reduction from the current holdings total amount of about 47%, that of course is the consolidation of facilities, transfer to the private sector, use of the designated management system, due to the promotion of regional cooperation, of the town we aim to reduction of public facilities total amount

The basic policy on the management of public facilities, etc. (with the aim of optimization of the entire public facilities)

The next 7 an exemplary policy (excerpt), and listed as a basic concept of on going to manage public facilities.

① inspection and diagnosis of the implementation policy
- we will continue to go to appropriate periodic inspections that are doing currently.
, Inspection and diagnosis, such as the implementation results by accumulating a of, will continue to timely grasp the situation.
· In conducting the determination of the priority of conservation in between facilities, such as by implementing a degradation diagnosis, grasp the deterioration due to aging conditions, the performance degradation status and management status due to external loads, preventive maintenance standpoint from do the study.

② maintenance and repair and update the Implementation policy
- with a priority of a long-term perspective in accordance with the importance and the deterioration state of the facility, plan to repair and update.
- such as promoting the transfer or designated management consignment of public facilities for the area, we will promote the maintenance of townspeople subject.
· In order to subsidize the financial resources to continue performing the maintenance, we will perform the review of user fees.
• For even maintain to go public facilities in the future, you may want to consider to develop a medium- and long-term repair plan.
• In order to make it possible to change the townspeople needs continue to flexibly respond, will continue to devise such as performing the easy facility design applications change.

③ safety of implementation policy
, Inspection, and the like of the public facilities, such as a high degree of risk was observed by the diagnosis, to ensure the safety of the software and hardware surface.
· In the safety of a secure, whether the disaster site, from the point of view of, such as whether a facility where there is a large number of use, and consider the priority of the corresponding.

④ earthquake resistance of enforcement policies
And disasters whether bases, from the facility whether or not the point of view is the use of a large number of townspeople, consider the priority of the earthquake resistance.
And roads, we will advance the study of earthquake resistance for infrastructure, including bridges, water and sewage.

⑤ long life of the implementation policy
- to understand the useful life coming year of public facilities, to understand the corresponding period of the update of the public facilities.
- we will continue to can thus smooth the way to take advantage of interest a little bit long public facilities.
- we will promote the development of infrastructure long-life plan of the individual facility.

⑥ integration and the abolition of the Promotion Policy
- In the review of public facilities, we will examined aware of the required levels and functions, etc. as administrative services.
• The demographic changes of aging and population decline, such as to proceed with the restructuring of public facilities that correspond.

⑦ comprehensive and planned construction policy of the system to achieve the management
- information about the public facilities and the like will continue to centralized management.
And staff each and every, with a management perspective, in order to have a point of view of public facilities management was aware of the whole of optimization, we will implement the training sessions and the like.
· Specified, but the administrator has promoted the introduction of the system, validate, along with the efforts to improve the townspeople service, for facilities that are not introduced will continue studying the introduction of this system.

Follow-up of the implementation policy (excerpt)

1 construction and information management and sharing strategy of all agency efforts system
Information on public facilities, and a system for centrally managed by the departments responsible for property management in conjunction with public accounting ledger, etc.
To do.

How to proceed with 2 follow-up

① on the progress on the "public comprehensive and deliberate basic policies related to the management of the facility, etc." and "basic policy on the management of each facility type," shown in this plan, an annual evaluation while turning the PDCA and we will continue to.
② assessment of progress a result, if there is a change of a significant situation, revised this plan.
③ according to the review of the long-term promotion plans of the town, by carrying out the revision of this plan, we will respond to changes, such as progress and social environment of the plan.
Along this plan, which is positioned as a basic plan for public facility development of ④ the town, to develop a facility-specific plan for each facility classification, we will promote concrete initiatives.

3 for information sharing with the town council and the townspeople
In formulating the individual facility plans for each facility classification in light of this plan, we will repeatedly consultation with the town council and the townspeople. Also, in the maintenance of the facility in accordance with the present plan, we will proceed with as much as possible Kumitori the needs of regional and townspeople.


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