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NAGAWA cable TV of direct debits name will be changed [Information]

Published 2017 years 02 month 08 Date

Last updated 2018 years 08 month 08 Date


NAGAWA cable TV the village Yui net of facility black 耀 will be notified of your contract customers.


Heisei than 29 years 3 month 31 date are charging, those who contract the direct debit of financial institutions,

Also When it is put to you is you pay with payment book,

Fee for use of the nominal of payment book, and memo fields at the time of passbook bookkeeping will be changed.

Actually without permission, but had been the nominal such as "wired use fee" until now,

Because we receive a large number of opinions that it is difficult to understand, this time

We will unify the name to the "TV facility fee for use".


When it is put in your trouble, but to apologize for any inconvenience,

Your understanding, continued cooperation, thank you for your patronage the village Yui net of black 耀 future.


Please see the flyer below for more information ※.

Direct debit name revised Notice


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