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Notice of Shinshu Venus line cooperation council wide area Lecture

Published 2017 years 01 month 26 Date

Last updated 2017 years 01 month 26 Date

NAGAWA, has participated in the Shinshu-NAGAWA tourism organizations in the "Shinshu Venus Line cooperation council", innovative initiatives and the idea of ​​making tourism the city, of the landing-type products and stay programs to meet the needs of tourists to learn about the construction and the like, will be held twice a lecture as follows.

 Mr. Iguchi, the first, is a person who manages his own hot spring inn while managing the snowy country tourist area, and Mr. Yamada, the second, is a practitioner who has created a stay program in advanced tourist destinations around the world. He is also the co-author of "The True Identity of a Tourism Nation", which is currently a hot topic in the new book, with Kosuke Motani.We can expect meaningful lectures based on the experiences of the two leading players, so we look forward to your participation.

1 wide lecture first series

Wide area lecture 1(1) Dates March 29 years 2 month 2 day (Thursday) afternoon from 2 when (know 1 when accepted afternoon 30)

(2) Venue Suwa Government Building 5 floor auditorium

(3) Lecturer Mr. (one company) Snow Country tourist area representative director addition Tomohiro Iguchi

(4) and regional development by Starring problem "after 100 years to be a Snow Country" tourism that tackled the ~ Snow Country tourist area -


2 wide area lecture 2nd

Wide area lecture 2(1) Dates March 29 years 3 month 6 date (Monday) afternoon from 2 when (know 1 when accepted afternoon 30)

(2) Venue white birch resort Ikenotairahoteru Convention Hall "Alps"

(3) Lecturer Swiss Zermatt Tourist Office Japanese corresponding Information sales promotion charge of other

  Mr. Keiichiro Yamada

(4) Starring title "What is chosen to continue regional" ~ ~ from developed tourist destination of the world

Please refer to the flyer for more information

Wide area lecture flyer [PDF: 1MB]


Industry Promotion Division Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism engagement
TEL : 0268-75-2047

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