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Notice of Shinshu companies × UIJ turn exchange and consultation meetings

Published 2017 years 01 month 26 Date

Last updated 2017 years 01 month 27 Date

UIJIn participate on a NAGAWA "east Shinshu next generation Industry Promotion Council", will be held the "Shinshu companies × UIJ turn exchanges and consultations" by the following.

If you are thinking a U-turn to the Nagano prefecture (changing jobs), who wish to emigrate, also, etc. If you are interested in east Shinshu area, please join us feel free to contact so you can join anyone.

Shinshu companies × UIJ turn exchanges and consultations

  • Date and time: March 29 years 2 month 12 day (Sunday) afternoon 2 time - accepted 1 when 30 minutes ~
  • Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi 1-1-6 Echizen'ya building 1 floor immigration and exchange information Garden
  • Application, contact us for more information please see the flyer

Shinshu companies × UIJ turn exchange meeting (for participants) [PDF: 1MB]

Contact Us

Industry Promotion Division Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2047

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