Urban renewal maintenance plan for the (fiscal 25 year from fiscal year 29)

Published 2016 years 04 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 12 month 26 Date

History and Current Status of the Town Planning

NAGAWA which is located approximately in the middle part of Nagano Prefecture, in the new town of Nagato-cho, and Wada village was born through the merger on October 1, 2005, area 183.95㎢, a population of about 7,800 people, elevation in the 600m ~ 2000m, has become a mountainous area in the forest rate is more than 80%. The old towns and villages are both black 耀石 of Origin, it is a former Nakasendo post town, many common points in history and culture, is through Utsukushigahara plateau from Nagato ranch is specified in the Yatsugatake center Plateau National Park, history and natural touch for tourists have visited many.

Many tourists becomes a line movement along the Venus line, it is in the vibrant development of the town there is a need to link the center of these "visitors". In addition, 2000 and subsequent population is reduced, in the declining birthrate and aging population, young people of settled promotion and the elderly has become necessary to town planning for to be able to live in peace.

2007 to 23 in fiscal social capital development General grants to take advantage of the (old town development grant), town road maintenance, water supply and sewerage systems of integration, the development of high-speed information network, experience by taking advantage of nature, history and agriculture each of charm It gave a such as the implementation of the menu.

By the project was implemented, stable supply of water, it is possible to create a comfortable living environment by town road maintenance, participants in the experience menu is increased even more exchange opportunities, certain effects, such as leading to the activation of the local industry despite, in the census of 2010 the population decrease of 6,780 people and the population does not stop, it is a situation where the business effect is not be sufficiently expressed.

The ex-post evaluation of the first phase plan that was carried out in March 2012, anticipation of the ripple effect to the entire town, do the Living Environment to promote the settlement willingness, by promoting the effective use of historical resources, more comfortable strive to create an environment, strongly to the disaster, everyone will want to try to live safe, secure and promote an attractive town development, the future of the strategy, such as it is necessary to activate the town was issued.


Development of 〇 government building construction and community facilities

Along with the government office building is a symbol of NAGAWA, is the central administrative offices contribute facility to the activation and development of the town as over the town administration in general. Although we now take a minute Agency system, integrated government buildings, as property of townspeople share, is familiar to all of the town, construction of facilities will be an urgent need with a good quality of which are actively used over a long period of time. Also, many of the townspeople to gather round-table, can be comforting, it has been required the development of facilities that the new communication is born.

Maintenance of strong facility to Yes disaster

There is a need to establish a community center or facility that becomes a shelter for local residents in the event of a disaster.

Effective utilization of tourism resources such as Yes history and tradition

While taking advantage of the regional characteristics of the old Nakasendo post town, it aims to formation of attractive and beautiful cityscape and landscape, will continue to develop the tourism resources.

Town development of petting the maintenance policy 1 everyone gather

- Townsman of culture, announcement, appreciation of the place, such as to spend a fun time waiting, to develop a public space to foster the townspeople of the community.

Strong comfortable town development to development policy 2 disaster

It specified, in the town of shelter to develop a community center or facility is.

• After construction, do the renovation of water purification facilities is progressing deterioration elapsed lives, make a comfortable environment creation.

Attractive town development that take advantage of the development policy 3 nature and history

- Do the repair maintenance of major roads and tourist road connecting the tourist area and the city of town, a traveling performance and aesthetics to improve, promote the increase of tourism promotion and exchange population.

- While taking advantage of the regional characteristics of the old Nakasendo post town, it aims to formation of attractive and beautiful cityscape and landscape, make the development of tourism resources.

H25 ~ H29 Nagawa-district plan (1st change) [PDF: 4MB]

H25 ~ H29 Nagawa-district plan (1st change) [PDF: 4MB]

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