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NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations

Published 2016 years 12 month 21 Date

Last updated 2016 years 12 month 22 Date

Heisei28Years12Month21Day Regulations Article31issue


Heisei17Years10Month1Day, Nagato-cho, and Wada village mutually recognized each other's autonomy, the merger in order to open up a new era full of bright hope, NAGAWA was born.


 Nagawa Town, where we live, is located in the center of Nagano Prefecture and is blessed with abundant water flowing out of the surrounding mountainous areas such as the Utsukushigahara Plateau.SylvanIt is the village of Suimei.


 In the olden days, there were many people in this area, such as the Paleolithic and Jomon period, the Edo period when Nakasendo Nagakubo-shuku and Wada-shuku prospered, and the recent regional development of villas and ski resorts. It was a place of contact where people came and went and deepened exchanges.


 The social situation is changing drastically due to the rapid progress of the declining birthrate and aging population in recent years, the expansion of living areas and the diversification of administrative services.Furthermore, with the development of a decentralized society, we need to think and act more ourselves and take responsibility for solving these issues.


 We want to continue living in a charming way, in line with the basic principles of town development set forth in the Nagawa Townspeople Charter, such as town development that takes advantage of this blessed nature and landscape to learn from history and nurture people and culture. We must create a city that makes people want to live.To that end, it is important for us to participate in community development based on our own will and responsibility, and for the residents and the town to "collaborate" to promote vibrant community development.


 Based on this recognition, we are aware of the importance of community development with the participation of all residents, and by further promoting it, we aim to create a city where we can have dreams for a vibrant future. Is enacted.


(the purpose)

Article 1 These regulations, based on the basic philosophy of the residents autonomy, residents, government, parliament of eachCheck the role, to be determined the basic matters relating to town planning of residents participation and cooperationMore, and with the aim of promoting the realization of an affluent community that certain vitality.


(The terms of significance)

In Article 2 this ordinance, the meanings of the terms listed in each of the following items is more to the place specified in each of the following items.

(1) residents

   Those who live in the town, those who work or attend school in the town, those who carry out business or other activities in the town, do not aim for profit to carry out public and public interest activities (excluding political activities, religious activities, etc.) An organization.

(2) Ward residents' association

   A ward is an organization composed of territorial borders, and a neighborhood association is an autonomous organization that controls the ward.

(3) town

   A local public body that includes the town council and the executive body of the town.

(4) town council

   An organization that represents the will of the residents and deliberates and makes decisions.

(5) The executive body of the town

   An organization that manages and executes administrative affairs in the town.

(6) residents autonomy

   It means the realization of a prosperous local community through the activities of residents and the activities of self-governing organizations.

(7) community participation

   Residents voluntarily participate in the formulation of major plans and the implementation of projects carried out by the town.

(8) cooperation

   Residents, town councils, and government (town executives) are on an equal footing, recognizing the responsibilities and roles they should fulfill, and complementing each other to tackle various issues, and cooperate and cooperate.

(9) Town Planning

   Through various activities, it means creating an environment where people can live with peace of mind and a rich community.


(Positioning of the ordinance)

Article 3 This ordinance is the highest norms stipulated by the town, other regulations, establishment and abolition of such rules,And the development of plans for urban development, or when the change, of this ordinanceWe respect the spirit.


(Basic principles of town development)

Article 4 residents and the town, based on the then listed principles, the implementation of autonomy and cooperation of town developmentTo proceed with the.

(1) public and independence for the public interest activities, to respect the autonomy and independence.

(2) on the basis of a certain responsibility in social behavior, that diverse values ​​are respected.

(3) to share information about the town planning.

(4) efforts to regional issues and social issues, that the area of ​​the provision public of public services to the minute responsibility.

(5) to clarify the roles, coordination and cooperation to it.

(6) the origin of the town planning is, that you have a basic that it is in the human resource development.

(7) that is due to the participation of residents.

(8) It is intended to contribute to the sustainable development of the region beyond the generation and inheritance of culture rooted in the region.

(9) fiscal soundness to make the administrative management of the basic.


(Provision of information and sharing)

Article 5 town, as well as to guarantee the right to know the residents, to participate in the town planning of residentsPromote, we have to try to aggressive public and provision of information that they hold.

For information disclosure referred to in the preceding paragraph, we decide otherwise.


(Protection of personal information)

Article 6 town, about the personal information that they hold, along with the take strict protection, selfTo clarify the right to seek disclosure of information related to, and protect individual rights, the profits.

For the protection of personal information referred to in the preceding paragraph, we decide otherwise.



Article 7 town, planning of measures, in each stage of the implementation and evaluation, its contentsAnd the need and shall endeavor to be clearly explained to the residents.

2 town, to the opinion and suggestions about town administration of residents, efforts to respond quickly and in good faithShall Mel.


(Significance and responsibilities of residents of the district and the residents' association)

Article 8 residents, helping each other, by addressing itself to the challenges of the region, to recognize the significance of the district and the residents' association, which built a mind richly live with peace of mind living environment, and respect.

2 residents, to join the district and residents 'association, is to act through the district and residents' association, and shall endeavor to be to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the local.

If you have special circumstances that make it impossible to join the 3rd district and residents 'association is, in accordance with the case who joined the district and residents' association, thing over the burden in the region minute, some responsibility in helping to continue to live in regional action and I shall endeavor to.

4 town, to respect the autonomy and independence of the district and the residents' association, shall proceed with the town development cooperate.


(Activation of the district and the residents' association)

Article areas and residents' association ninth, recognizes the diversification of the lifestyle and values ​​of the residents by the era of change, in organization development that residents in the area can join together with the appropriate management in order to promote the residents autonomy we will strive.

2 district and residents' association relates to their role and activities, along with the efforts to obtain the understanding of local residents, committed to uplifting the residents autonomy consciousness through the residents activities, residents, to understand its activities, and cooperation.

3 town, and coordination and cooperation with the district and residents' associations, shall endeavor to activation of residents activities.


(Promotion of community participation)

Article 10 residents and the town, and shall promote public participation so as to be able to share with each other the issues and administrative issues in the community, work in cooperation toward its resolution.

2 residents, grasp of the problems in the town, as well as planning, etc., you can participate in each stage of the implementation and evaluation of the business. In this case, the town, and we shall endeavor to provide opportunities for a variety of public participation.

3 town, if you want to develop a basic plan or particularly important policy, etc., we shall go through the procedures for efficient and effective public participation.

4 town, suggestions from residents about town planning, proposal, and shall endeavor to reflect the opinion or the like to the measures.


(The role of the residents)

Article 11 residents, will promote the residents autonomy and their own behavior toward the establishment of a resolution and livable region rich social issues of the community, and basic to cooperate with each other.

2 residents with an interest in the town of activities, and strive to each other encouraging the participation of the town planning each other.

3 residents, on the occasion of the participation to the town development, and act with the point of view of the public nature.


(The role of the mayor)

Article 12 town mayor, to promote the town development of the collaboration, its efforts to contribute to the realization of self-government.

2 town mayors, residents and promote the residents autonomy activities carried out in the initiative, and taking advantage of this to town planning.

3 town mayor, when the promotion of urban development, as independent municipality, and shall endeavor to provide sound fiscal management, planning implementation and administrative services required by the business.


(The role of the parliament)

Article 13 town council is, as a deliberative and decision-making body of the town administration, on behalf of the will of the residents, as well as promote the realization of the residents autonomy, the information on the activities of the parliament to provide easy-to-understand residents, in parliamentary opened We shall endeavor.

2 deputies, so that Parliament can properly exercise its authority, as well as understand the opinion of regional challenges and residents, and shall endeavor to promote town development of collaboration through the legislators activities.


(Inactivated cooperation of the business of the town)

Article 14 residents, by implementing in cooperation with the business of the town, about what can be carried out the business more effectively, and shall be able to propose to the mayor.

2 mayor, for those that can take advantage of the characteristics of the residents out of the business, which town do, and shall endeavor to be carried out in cooperation with the residents in an appropriate manner.


(Support system)

Article 15 town mayor, in the non-profit activities that are voluntary and voluntarily carried out, many unspecifiedFor public and public interest activities and thereby to contribute to the promotion of the interests, the activeAnd we shall endeavor to take appropriate support measures to promote the dynamic.

2 mayor is, if you take the support measures pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, with respect for the autonomy and independence of those carrying out the activities, carrying out the assistance, and shall ensure fairness.


(Fiscal management)

Article 16 town mayor, based on the basic concept and the basic plan, and strive to comprehensive and planned administrative management.

2 town mayors, the implementation of efficient and effective measures, together with efforts to sound fiscal management, and shall publish an easy-to-understand financial situation.

3 town mayor, in order to establish an independent municipality, and shall take measures for the establishment of the economic base.

4 town mayor, committed to establishment of soundness and autonomous financial base of finance, on the basis of the principles and minute responsibility of the principle of the public area to the provisions of this ordinance of user fees, and shall promote the optimization of the residents burden.

5 town mayor, and we shall endeavor to constantly review of administrative services to be able to reliably provide the administrative services they need.


(Administrative evaluation)

Article 17 town mayor, important plans, such as comprehensive plan, budget, balance sheet, and evaluated for and office contents.

2 town mayor, announced on residents easy to understand the results of the previous section of the evaluation, we will reflect on the policy and administrative enforcement.


(Residents rally to promote cooperation 働等)

Article 18 town mayor relates to urban development, etc. of cooperation, in order to listen to the opinion of the widely residents, it will be held the residents rally.

In the 2 residents rally, to verify the operational status of this ordinance, we can make recommendations on measures such as to promote the town development of the collaboration.



Article 19 town mayor, about the important issues related to the town administration, in order to confirm the intention of the widely residents, through the vote of the Parliament, you can establish a system of referendum.

Necessary matters in the practice of 2 referendum is separately determined.


 (Review of the ordinance)

Article 20 town mayor, after the enforcement of this ordinance, for each period not exceeding five years, set out in this ordinanceThat the realization and cooperation of matters relating to promotion of town development of self-government, and shall consider the compatibility with the social situation.

2 mayor, based on the results of the investigation under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, when the review of the system or the like based on this ordinance and this ordinance is determined to be appropriate, and shall take necessary measures.

3 town mayor, if you take the necessary measures prescribed in the study and the preceding paragraph to in paragraph 1 shall be provided an opportunity for community participation.



Article 21 matters necessary for the enforcement of this ordinance, the town is determined separately.


Supplementary Provisions

 This ordinance is Heisei29Years4Month1Come into effect as from the day.


NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations [PDF: 125KB]

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