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Please use the NAGAWA _ tourism, disaster prevention, Wi-Fi.

Published 2016 years 04 month 01 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 30 Date

In order to increase the convenience of the information collection, etc. of visitors and residents in the tourism and disaster prevention bases, etc., in tourist centers and disaster prevention facilities, etc.Wi-FiWe are promoting the development of environment.

WirelessHow to Use

1. Please - site you to within the available range of the following location.

2. Please select "Nagawa_Free_Wifi".

※ In the event of a disaster "00000 japan" will be. (Authentication is no longer necessary, you can use the Internet directly.)

3. Please start the Internet browser.

4. The following screen appears, please press the connection start button on top of the read the Terms of Service.


5. If you find the following screen Wi-Fi is available.



The current development has been based are as follows.

NAGAWA Town Office wi-fi & camera
NAGAWA office Nagakubo branch wi-fi & camera
The history of the road "Nakasendo Aobara" wi-fi & camera
Wada inn station wi-fi & camera
Nakasendo "Wada inn Honjin" wi-fi & camera
Himeki community center wi-fi & camera
Black 耀石 experience Museum wi-fi & camera
Road Station "station of quince Nagato"(NTT city Wi-Fi service) wi-fi & camera
NAGAWA office Wada branch(NTT city Wi-Fi service) Wi-Fi




Contact Us

Information Public Relations Division information Publicist
TEL : 0268-75-2043
FAX : 0268-68-4139