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Publication of NAGAWA town, people, job creation Comprehensive Strategy (March 28 years 11 month 9 Date revised edition)

Published 2016 years 11 month 10 Date

Last updated 2017 years 07 month 03 Date

For NAGAWA town, people, work creation comprehensive strategy has been revised in March 28 year 11 month 9 date with. In this revision, of the numerical targets of basic target 2 "NAGAWA number of tourists", according to the tourism promotion change of the target value, that take advantage of the basic target 2 (a) "local resources of" foreign Occupancy " AC increase of population "relates to a KPI additions have been made of (key performance indicators) (2 item).

Comprehensive strategy after the revision is as "NAGAWA town, people, work creation Comprehensive Strategy" (March 28 year 11 month 9 Date revised edition).

"Nagatacho Town, People, Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" (Heisei 28 Year 11 Month 9 Day Revised Edition) [PDF: 612KB]

"Nagatacho Town, People, Shigoto Creative Comprehensive Strategy" Summary Version (28.11.9) [PDF: 298KB]

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