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[Hometown tax payment] was added to thank goods! !

Published 2016 years 11 month 18 Date

Last updated 2018 years 02 month 06 Date


NAGAWA hometown tax payment donation business

Roasting Dattan 180g    6 split Dried buckwheat 200g    Roasted Dattan margarine Cookie calocybe gambosa Komachi    Roasted Dattan butter cookies, pound cake    Roasting Dattan, buckwheat flour


Had been received a lot of requests from everyone of the contribution's, added Shinano kiriyama Dattan buckwheat products! !
Dattan near the Shinshu Nagawa-production is, there is almost no bitterness while maintaining a high component. Elevation 800 ~ carefully cultivated stuck with pesticides any non-use in the plateau of 1,400m, is a gem that can enjoy safe and secure without having to resort to food additives. Rutin contained in the buckwheat Dattan has also been demonstrated by the actual research that is effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, is the food of attention now. By all means let's look forward to the health of longevity incorporating Dattan buckwheat to take this opportunity to daily diet.


NAGAWA hometown tax payment donation detailed guidance of business ♪♪ from here

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