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For proper maintenance of the grease trap (please)

Published 2016 years 11 month 01 Date

Last updated 2017 years 03 month 15 Date

Daily, deep understanding in sewer business, Thank you very much look forward to your cooperation.

Sewer and is about to elapse 20 nearly a year since the start of service, but the washing rate is greater than 90 percent, we are also increasing understanding of the sewer. However, water quality accidents due to usage of the wrong even if we look at the prefecture outside the prefecture does not stood the later.
In Tomachi, ramen shops of animal and vegetable oils and fats causes, sewer mains clogged with lard, it has continued to trouble the sewer of the local residents can not be used. So, by now placed in the business who have been using the grease trap is, you verify the matters we have described below, review of daily maintenance method, we ask that you will be subjected to thorough cleaning.

1. Impact on the sewerage facilities, etc. of plants and animals oils

(1) The reference in the regulations

If the flow of animal and vegetable oils and fats to the sewage system, must comply with the "animal and vegetable fats and oils content 30mg / ℓ or less", which is the effluent standard.

(2) of the bad smell in the store generated

If you neglect the day-to-day management of the grease trap, and corruption was or separation "sewage in the tank," "animal and vegetable oils", diverges the stench, it will be discomfort to the customers and the surrounding everyone.

(3) impact on the sewerage facilities

1) impact on the sewer pipe

  • In particular, the occurrence of flow-down failure of sewage due to obstruction of the conduit, oils and fats, which hardens in the lard or room temperature, and mixed with other contaminants adhering to the sewage pipe, clogging the sewage pipe in some cases to poor flow of sewer it might run to. → reverse flow of sewage, outflow
  • Impact on the manhole in and pump hall

Contamination due to massive generation of "garbage (scum)" containing oils, malfunction of the pump, issuance of abnormality warning etc.

2) the influence of the sewage treatment facility

Impact on the ① purification function

In Nagato purification center, but purification of sewage by microorganisms (activated sludge method) have been made, when processing the sewage by microorganisms, oils covers the surface of the sewage, that the oxygen in the air is dissolved in water not only hinder, are encompassed within the activated sludge, which decreases the inhibitory processes function its purification function and precipitation separation. In addition, it also has an impact on the filtration and dewatering in the sludge treatment.

  • Impact on the sedimentation pond, water discharged

If oils may not be sufficiently treated for lighter than water, as well as scum that contains the oil will float a lot on the surface, flows out along with the water discharged, it will be which leads to pollution of rivers (Yodakawa).

④ impact on the equipment

Especially fats and oils of lard system, equipment such as a pump cable is a cause of deterioration, it becomes necessary cost to replace or repair.

Reference: How to Clean grease trap

① cleaning of basket Let's done every day

Basket of the body is intended to receive, such as dirt and debris. At least 1 Date 1 times let clean removal. Also, please do not use for other purposes.

② oil and fat content of the collection [of cleaning time standard: week 1 times]

Since the oils and fats (lard) s will accumulate floating in the body, please recovered 1 times are scooped up in at least 1 week.

.③ bottom sediment removal of the cleaning time guideline: month 1 times]

Since the reservoir is precipitate to the bottom of the unit, please 1 times are scooped removed at least 1 months.

④ trap inside of cleaning [of cleaning time guideline: 2 ~ 3 times in 1 months]

Trap inside, please clean 2 times 3 ~ 1 months. Since the cap attached to the trap tube is odor stop, please do not remove absolutely except when cleaning.

※ cap of cleaning port Let's return to the original position not forget


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