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For power location area measures grant

Published 2016 years 10 month 26 Date

Last updated 2016 years 10 month 26 Date

We make effective use of the power supply location area measures grant in NAGAWA

○ The power location area measures grant

In Nagano Prefecture, there is a hydroelectric power generation facilities of various power generation businesses. Municipality and surrounding municipalities that hydroelectric power facilities, etc. is located is, has been utilized in development and community revitalization projects such as public facilities for the purpose of revitalizing the region.

○ NAGAWA of power generation facility

NAGAWA is Aobara power plant to district Wada, Mizusawa power plant, Wada power plant, there are 4 of Karasawa power plant one of the power plants.

○ Heisei 27 year power location area measures grant business

Heisei 27 year did a renovation of farm roads and waterways in Kamigumi District Wada.

Heisei 27 year project evaluation report [PDF: 56KB]


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Publication page http://www.enecho.meti.go.jp/committee/disclosure/dengenkoufukin2/#h27 of the evaluation report of the business utilizing the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry power location area measures grant



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