11 month 13 (day) is NAGAWA Daimon-Nagakubo-Furumachi financial ward Parliament voting day of the general election

Published 2016 years 09 month 08 Date

Last updated 2016 years 09 month 08 Date

Hotari-kunFinancial ward Parliament constant

Daimon financial ward 8 people

Nagakubo property District 5 people

Furumachi property District 5 people

※ If there were number of candidates of the report does not exceed the constant will be Mutohyo.

Property District congressional candidacy scheduled briefing

  • Day at the time: 10 month 18 date (Tuesday) 2:00 pm
  • Place: NAGAWA office first 1 · 2 conference room
  • Attendees: per candidacy prospective 1 name, and will be up to 2 name
  • Schedule up to election

10 month 18 day (Tuesday) financial ward election candidacy scheduled briefing

10 month 27 day (Thursday) candidacy filings preliminary review

11 month 8 date (Tuesday) Notification Date, candidacy filings accepted

11 month 13 (day) financial ward election vote, vote counting


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