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For expansion to less than 50 age of payment grace system of national pension premium

Published 2016 years 08 month 17 Date

Last updated 2016 years 08 month 17 Date

◆ from July 1, 2016, to enlarge the target age of the young people payment grace plans covering less than 30 years old, will be the payment grace plans covering less than 50 years of age.

  However, during the period before June XNUMX, the period under XNUMX years old will continue to be subject to the payment deferment system.

  If it is difficult to pay the insurance premium due to reasons such as low income, please consult with the pension office as there is an exemption system in addition to the payment deferment system.Payment deferment / exemption application documents are also available at the national pension counter of the government office.

◆ In Japan pension mechanism, for the person who can not pay until the payment deadline of the national pension insurance premiums, telephone, in writing, we have carried out a guide to get paid early by the interview.

  If left unpaid, a reminder will be given by the compulsory collection procedure, and if payment is not made by the specified deadline, not only will a delinquency charge be imposed, but also※ If you have any payment obligationYou may seize the property.

Contact: Komoro pension office ℡ 0267-22-1080

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