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It is clear overview of the child-rearing measures NAGAWA "If the child-rearing NAGAWA" leaflet

Published 2016 years 08 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 08 month 04 Date

NAGAWA If you child-rearingFor comprehensive support to seamlessly the pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing, etc. in NAGAWA, we have established a new "Children's Health Promotion Division" from the fiscal year 28 4 month 1 date.
As we feel that "If the child-rearing NAGAWA", established a child care environment while to ask you also opinions of everyone, we are also working to population reduction measures.
The child care support of NAGAWA, please utilize because we have issued this leaflet want you to know a lot of people.

It should be noted that this leaflet was distributed to all households along with the public relations Nagawa 8 month issue.

If you child-rearing NAGAWA [PDF: 626KB]

We'd love to hear from you!

Children's Health Promotion Division
Address: Health and Welfare Research Center
PHONE: 0268-75-2045
FAX: 0268-68-3798

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