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Nagano child care home preferential treatment passport business

Published 2020 years 03 month 03 Date

Last updated 2023 years 12 month 20 Date

★ Notice of card update
The current Nagano Child Care Family Special Discount Passport and the Multi-Person Household Premium Passport expire on March 6, 3, so new cards will be sent to all target households. Was. You can use your new card as soon as you receive it. Also, please discard your current card at each home.

To all users of Nagano Child-rearing Families Preferential Passport and Multi-Child Household Support Premium Passport [PDF: 564KB]

 In NAGAWA, in cooperation with the "Nagano child, child care support Citizens Conference", child care home is participating in the "Nagano child care home preferential treatment passport business" that the various services of the discount is received at the time, such as shopping .
 While We sponsored the neighborhood of businesses and shops, we are promoting the momentum building to support the child care home and children across the region.


How the system

 Passports will be issued to households with at least one child under the age of 18 (until the end of March of the year of reaching 18 years of age) and those with pregnant women.

 In addition, for families with three or more children aged 18 or younger at the end of the fiscal year, a “Multi-child household support premium passport” is provided, which provides even more enhanced services.

 In participating store, and present this card, child care support services are available, such as a discount.
 Service is due to the burden of the sponsorship store, it is supported by the cooperation of sponsorship store.
 The sponsorship store, displayed a preferential service "Poster" and "sticker" has been posted.

 You can search for supporting stores using "Cheerful Nagano."

 Click here for “Cheerful Nagano”.                         


 cheerful nagano

NAGAWA of Participating Companies

Karinchin head office Furumachi 2424-17 68-0190 Drink bar Free (Saturday and Sunday only)
Jack-of-all-trades Wada 2823 88-2014 Double points of pumpkin card
Hot Springs mountain hotel Andermatt Daimon 3518-2546 69-2001

"Vic family benefits"
In the case of accommodation together with your parents, discount in the price of an adult 1 guest 10 Children under the age of is any person (with meal)
[Example] adult (parents) 2 name + children 3 name = adult 3 persons

(Ltd.) Wataya Shokai Daimon 118-3 68-2458

Gasoline and diesel 3 circle argument

2,000 circle argument from vehicle inspection during basic inspection technology fee (vehicle inspection benefits: washer fluid 2ℓ also gift-oil exchange 2 times free ticket of tissue

(Ltd.) Venus oil Wada 241-1 88-2157

XNUMX yen discount for car wash courses over XNUMX yen

Multi-child household support premium passport
●If you show your premium passport and spend XNUMX yen or more on a car wash, you will receive a XNUMX yen discount!
●Plus double car wash points! !

Shinshu Ueda Agricultural Cooperative Association Nagakubo store Nagakubo 1674 68-3141

For “Local Support Type” Regular Deposit, limited to those who use bank account transfer, up to the in-store display interest rate + 0.1%/year is added.

Play, learn and other
Nagato Onsen peace hot water Furumachi 2436-1 68-2601 "Nagano child care home hospitality passport" 1 sheets per point presentation
Wada inn Onsen peace hot water Wada 4329 88-0001 "Nagano child care home hospitality passport" 1 sheets per point presentation
Blanche alpine ski resort Daimon 3652 69-2232 Adults, children, toddlers, seniors ... 100 yen discount from each regular price
  • Eligible ticket type: XNUMX day ticket or more
  • It cannot be used for duplicate discount tickets or when a discount has already been given (eg, a family ticket).
Primitive, ancient Roman Experience Hall Daimon 1581 68-4339 Admission and experience fee 1 discount
Black 耀石 experience Museum Daimon 3670 41-8050 Admission and experience fee 1 discount
Gakken Chowa Ladybug Classroom Nagakubo 295-2 85-2021 Gift gift


★ We are looking for sponsorship store!

And for providing a variety of services to child care home looking for a sponsor store where you can. Overall we understand the purpose of the business to say that trying to support the child care home with their children in the region, thank you all means your application give us as.



Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement
TEL : 0268-75-2069

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