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H28 Oda and festivals

Published 2016 years 01 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 04 Date

Origin of Otaya Festival and floats

Yutaka 受大 JinguFurumachi of NAGAWA (formerly Nagakubo Furumachi) located in Yutaka Furumachi 受大 of Shrine annual festival is known as commonly known Otaya Festival.
Its origin at the end of the Edo era, the document of 1828 years (1828) is, but at the moment has been left as the oldest record, festival is considered to have been made from quite older than this before.
In Yutaka Furumachi 受大 Shrine following the Ise Shrine, is performed Senza festival every 20 years, annual festival will take place until noon of 15 days from the evening of January 14 every year. Home to some of the customers are, to this day in the beginning of the year, has a to and the departure of its age and Narawashi.
People of pilgrimage Ueda, also visited from Saku district, turnout of about 4 to 50,000 people in these two days is expected.
The Otaya Festival, when the people of life comes out a stable margin, now float is dedicated to actively the festival, is described in the diary of the 1835-year old family holdings (1835) users had, "Onta (journey) ya notice and ranked, decoration materials several places busi- Shinya" sentence of that there is a record of the oldest floats you know now.
As a valuable traditional culture floats are to be handed down a rustic peasant art, is specified in the Nagano Prefecture intangible folk cultural asset selection in 1963, it has been dedicated by 5 location of the Preservation Society of current ward unit.


It floats for the fiscal year 28

Sarutobi(Monkey jump)Sasaki()Assistant(Yosuke) Place of training[The first field first-class inn]

H28 first 1 field

 Shinshutorii(Torii)Pass(Mountain pass)Of (Ueda)At the foot(Bottom)Boy named Sasuke was in. Although such as monkeys and deer have been flying every day to the other party, when it is ten years old, "the world can get ahead in the arm as soon because it is the era of the Warring States. Limited to the martial arts is to polish the arm." And martial artsTraining(Keiko)The began.

 At one point, an old man with gray hair was watching such a situation.The old man's name isTozawa(Tozawa)white(foil)Unsai(Unsai).Ninja art(Ninjutsu)White Unsai which was called the large master of, looking for those who bestowed their ninjutsu, here the boy SasukeHeading(Miida)did. White Unsai feel to avid try to agile movement and martial arts of Sasuke, and his disciples. Sasuke is this ToriitogeQuirky(Freaky)Nightly from an old man every day,Single-mindedness(Single-mindedness)I learned the art of invisibility, martial arts. ThatWorth(Or)There are, became an only slightly three years Admirable skill. White Unsai's ninjutsuEssential point(Secret)After tell, it went away flew to the east along with the Baiyun.

 After that, at Torii Passboar(Lion)Hunting( )Yukimura Sanada who came toNobushige(Nobushige)) Public and met Sasuke is, serve given the name of Sarutobi Sasuke than YukimuraKo, as the largest of the Sanada Ten Braves, was very active in the world of war.

 In addition, near Torii PassKakuma(Kakuma)Valley(Valley)The (Ueda), there is a rock to convey a Sarutobi Sasuke still has the training of ninjutsu.


Place of Yukimura Sanada Sarutobi Sasuke ten mighty Natsu Osaka of Jin[Second field-cho, the upper, middle]

H28 first 2 field  Ieyasu Tokugawa's strategy filled the entire moat of the castle,impregnable(Impregnable)Also of Osaka Castle has become a nearly-naked castle. Osaka Toyotomi who in the summer of Jin is forced to fight out of the castle,Keicho(Listening)Twenty years (1615) of May six days battleCover for gun barrel(Cover for gun barrel)I was dropped off.

 ToyotomiGoto(Goto)or(また)Hyoe(Bay),Usuda(It pampas grass)and(I guess)phase(Yosuke)Luo to die in battle,Kimura(Kimura)Shigenari(Shigenari)Even killed, Sanada Corps to have been doing late there hit the army of ten thousand Date, after having defeated thisPalace(Palace)The beautifully served, we were pulling up to the Osaka Castle from Jizodo Honjin plains. Yukimura reading and is definitely Ieyasu if army is Saleh put the Honjin to Jizodo, planted explosives in Jizodo when to withdraw. Sure enough, Ieyasu was Honjin the Jizodo not know that explosives are planted. And, Sanada corps Sarutobi Sasuke et al ten mighty could have put fire to the fuse of one after another is sure to allow suitable time explosives. Then large acoustic Totomoniodo isBreak into small fragments(Break into small fragments)We are blown away to.

 Tomosho YukimuraResuscitation(Resuscitation)It was of Issaku, but Ieyasu fled the lucky flame because it was by adding the use in the grass away from this time temple. Sanada corps looked for Ieyasu to rush to again Honjin, but had gotten escaped without a figure. Secret plan of Yukimura who continued to follow the general Ieyasu just one of the enemyBroadcast(peel)It did not crack. 


Place of Momotaro Onigashima expedition[Third field Nakamachi]

H28 first 3 field  The story of Momotaro, who is famous for exterminating demons, remains in various parts of Japan, and the setting of the story varies depending on the region.It is said that the original story of this story was made before the Muromachi period, and the model of the main character is the oldest book in Japan, "Record of Ancient Matters(Beggar)A person on the myth that appeared in "Kibi(Kibi)Country(Country of)He was active in the subjugation of (Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, part of Hyogo Prefecture)Kibitsu(Kibitsu)Yoshihiko(Rubra)life(This only and)View that has been a widely known.

 The fairy tales, picture books, and nursery rhymes have become established: "When an old lady who was washing in the river took a big peach that had flowed home and broke it with her grandfather, a boy appeared from the peach. The child was named Momotaro and was carefully raised by his grandfather and grandmother. Momotaro, who grew up well, hung a nursery rhyme on his waist and went to Onigashima.Conquest(Conquest)Toward the. Along the way, dogs, monkeys, pheasants becomes a servant, it was getting rid of bad demon. Story is about. "

 A company asked parents "What are the fairy tales and old tales you want to tell your child?" And found that "Even if it is difficult to do alone, you can achieve your goal by confronting it with your friends." "Momotaro" came in first for reasons such as "I can tell that from the story."

 In this way, Momotaro is a timeless story that is familiar to both parents and children. 


Daughter Osue marriage of the place of Nobushige Sanada[Fourth park downtown, Fujimi-cho]

H28 first 4 field

 NowRun -(Retroactively)RukotoMediocrity(Oyo)Its 400 years, Sekigahara battle of decisive have been performed.

 Sanada who met Hidetada Tokugawa at Ueda Castle as the western armyMasayuki(Masayuki),Nobushige(Nobushige)(Yukimura) father and son has been a large fought in history, winning the Tokugawa who Higashigun in Sekigahara. Nishigun's defeatUi(Cormorant)Saw come first.

 Yukimura's eldest daughter, Osuhe (Omonekiku(Okiku)) Is,uncle(uncle)(Or(ある)There is also reportedly grandfather. Is a)Hotta(Dug)Work(Bloom)Hyoe(Bay)Becomes the adopted daughter,Stone case(Stone love)Juzo(Juzo)road(Road)Constant(Sada)To the originalMarry(Or)It became Succoth. Ishigo Juzo's chiisagata district NagakuboSquire(Squire), And the Ishigoka will be serve the Honjin of Nakasendo Nagakubo-shuku after. Although the details Osue of prehistory that married is unknown, I wonder Nobushige became a defeated general is not that the end was worried about the only daughter.

 After the siege of Osaka, her husband, Juzo, was Yukimura.Daisuke(Daisuke)Is worried that the father and son, Nobushige, the Osaka Castle with Daisuke father and sonbasket(Also this)That sent a letter to Sakube, Hensho from Nobushige is transmitted to now against it.

"此世 interview at (this I) is Yu Mashiki (Majiku there this) weather, everything also FuKano (beat forced) in mind that to be trick climate both, (unjust come forsaken) Noriyuki your look 捨無YoriyukiIri to visited with (Tanomiiri) weather. "

That faces the decisive battle of the Tokugawa how fully prepared to die if necessary, deep for daughterBe affectionate(Enshrine)Kokorone of stain is wording transmitted to take in hand. Then, Osuewa, are said to have lived happily ever after.


"Japan(Hinomoto Ichi) OfSoldier(The strong)Place of "Yukimura Sanada public Osaka of Jin bravely[Fifth field Sakuramachi]

H28 first 5 field  The last of the Warring States periodGreat war(Oh sword?), Its name in the world in the Siege of OsakaRoar(Roar)Tactician of legendary skein there were.Eiroku(Eiroku)Ten years (1567), small daimyo Sanada of ShinanoMasayuki(Masayuki)Sanada was born as the second sonNobushige(Nobushige)It is (Yukimura).

 Keicho(Listening)Nineteen years (1614) winter, the castle Osakabasket(Also this)Tsu wasToyotomi(Toyotomi)Tokugawa person surrounded the castle in two hundred thousand troops to the way hundreds of thousands. Yukimura, Shirogai southeast to the most fierce battle is expectedfort(Fort)It was built. Best tactics of the Sanada family tradition to lure the army of Tokugawa various CorpsJie(Kicking)Work(Bloom)It is "Sanada Maru". December four days, overwhelmingly people Tokugawa outnumber finally on top of the eye ofBump(Kelp), Surging to Sanada round. Yukimura did not miss this opportunity. Peppered the ferocious fire in a calm helm, it was defeated terrible to hit the Tokugawa various corps.

 However, even with this great victory, the battlefield could not be overcome.Ieyasu Tokugawa is the only one who aims to win the victory in a desperate situation.Sanada led by Yukimura on May 1615, XNUMXAka備(Akazona)For example Corps places a total attack on Ieyasu Honjin. DeathBetting()The onslaught of Yukimura Tokugawaflag(flag)Our(Source)Masses(Zhou)TheMiser(Stinginess)Rashi, was enough to ready a temporary Ieyasu to hara-kiri.

It is Yukimura who perpetuate their own believe in the way, "SanadaDay(Hino)Our(Source)(Ichi) OfSoldier(The strong)"WhenReferred(Very much)It will be Erareru. It has not been possible to get the glory alive, but also continues to live now become one of the legend.


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