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Disability Discrimination eliminate Law went into effect

Published 2016 years 06 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

◎ The Disability Discrimination Act eliminated

The reason the "disability Disability Discrimination eliminate Act (Law Concerning the Promotion of the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of failure), the government and local governments of the country, private businesses such as companies and shops, for people who have disabilities in order to eliminate discrimination "to be, came into force in March 28 years 4 month 1 date.

With or without disabilities, while respecting all of the people is the personality and individuality of each other, it aims to make society, a society in harmony to live together.

◎ with people with disabilities of interest

Body disabilities, intellectual disabilities (including developmental disabilities.) Mental disabilities in people with other disabilities of mental and physical function, disabilities continue to receive a substantial limitation in daily life and social life yea by the "social barriers" It is a person in the state.

Target door becomes failure Roh a person leaves, failure Sha notebook wo have hand have no people mourning includes trout.

The "social barriers", on the daily life and social life for people with disabilities, things in society, such as a barrier (traffic, less accessible facilities, equipment, etc.), system (less accessible system, etc. ), customs not aware of the presence of a person with a practice (disabilities, culture, etc.), such as prejudice against people with ideas (disabilities), refers to the others at all.

◎ with the contents of the law

Government agencies and local governments and private businesses of the country, carrying out the business, for people with disabilities, it is forbidden to the unfair discriminatory treatment for reasons disabilities. In addition, the implementation of the removal of social barriers obtained from people with disabilities, to provide a reasonable accommodation required, legal obligations to government agencies, etc., we are and effort obligations to the operators.

◎ an illegal discriminatory treatment is

Failure wo reason Toshite, legitimate name for no reason, service field provides wo denied or restricted to have enough, failure Roh people without Nitaishite blade attached no conditions wo with have enough to Yo name act death.

  • When the people who are visually impaired to use the facilities, refuse guide dogs allowed.
  • At the event venue, it was refused on the grounds that you are using a wheelchair.
  • In an attempt to borrow an apartment or a condominium, it was not lent to reason that there is a disability.

◎ a reasonable accommodation

When there is a declaration of intention to seek some kind of consideration from people with disabilities, to the extent that does not become excessively heavy burden, it is to do a reasonable consideration required in order to remove the social barriers.

  • If there is a step, to assist the wheelchair user.
  • Written communication, reading and devised to convey in communication means in accordance with the characteristics of disabilities, such as sign language.

◎ to operators of our

Operators Disability Discrimination eliminated method is intended not only general corporate and shops, private businesses, social welfare corporation, also NPO corporations are subject.

Within a range that does not become too burdensome in order to stay in business, let's work on rational considerations. In addition, incentives to be the de facto equality is not a legal discrimination.

Specific examples of such reasonable accommodation, please refer to the Cabinet Office of the home page "reasonable accommodation such as a concrete example data collection reasonable accommodation search".

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