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The main thing of the town tax

Published 2016 years 06 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

Main types of taxes related to your area of ​​everyone in the town Nagawa are as follows:

By type Taxable person Remarks
Town prefectural tax - Every year of January 1, there is an address in town, people who had the income in the previous year. The tax, because it is calculated according to the taxable income after subtracting various deductions on the basis of the previous year's revenue, please submit a declaration by every year March 15. However, people who are the only year-end adjustment in salary income, people of the only public pension, a person with a tax return of income tax is no declaration is required.
It is taxed by summing the levy and income split.
- Owns a house mansion in town, people have no address.
Only evenly split will be taxed.
Corporation townsman tax And corporations that have offices, offices in town. It will be a declaration paid within two months after closing.
Summing the levy and corporation tax percentage, we will declare payment.
· A corporation that has a dormitory in the town and does not have an office or office in the town.
We will declare pay only the per capita rate.
Property tax Every year of January 1, people who owned land in the town, houses, depreciable assets (for business). Land prices, etc. inspection books and house prices, etc. inspection book is, is during the period from April 1 of each year until the first phase of delivery time limit has become a inspection period, you can see.
Light vehicle tax April 1 every year now, owns a bike and mini-cars, people that there is a stationary location in town. License plate that is issued in the old towns and villages, you can use as it is.

[Request to smokers of everyone]
The amount corresponding to the number of tobacco sales (about 3.2 yen per one, about 20 yen at 1 box (64 book)) is town income as town tobacco tax.
Tobacco, please purchase all means in Nagawa town.

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