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For NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations

Published 2016 years 06 month 10 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 23 Date

(Elapsed until now)

◆ In order to understand the residents autonomy basics regulations

Background - of residents self-government basics regulations
 Due to the decentralization reform in 12, the national and local governments have become equal and equal, and their roles and responsibilities have increased as a more independent "local government", assuming that the local government is not a subordinate organization of the national government.Nagawa Town is preparing to establish the Basic Autonomy Ordinance as the "highest norm (regulation)" of Nagawa Town in order to clearly define the principles and basic principles of autonomy and promote collaborative town development by the autonomy of the townspeople. I will.

- The role of the "NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan basic concept" and "NAGAWA autonomy basics regulations" -
 Both the basic concept and the basic self-government ordinance are common in that they are decided after the resolution of the town council.The basic concept is the highest level of town administration management, and defines the basic goals of the town policy and the direction of measures to realize them in order to achieve comprehensive and systematic administrative management.
 On the other hand, the Basic Autonomy Ordinance, as the highest norm that is the basis of town administration management, shows "who" has "what role" and "how" to proceed with town development. It is an ordinance that stipulates the mechanism and basic rules of.
 In other words, the "Basic Autonomy Ordinance" defines the systems and mechanisms for the townspeople to realize the future image of the town drawn in the "Basic Concept", and each plays a role like the two wheels of a car. As a result, the self-government of Nagawa Town will be promoted smoothly.

◆ NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations

 ~ Efforts so far ~
(1) Review Committee 1st (fiscal 26 years 12 month 16 Date held)

※ council representative, town council representative, town related organizations representative, in accordance with the public committee 23 people

  1. The residents autonomy basics regulations was discussed whether such What
  2. How to proceed in the study, it was described in the Committee of the schedule and the basic policy (draft)

→ You acknowledged the procedure and basic policy

(2) Committee 2nd (March 27 years 2 month 24 Date held)

※ council representative, town council representative, town related organizations representative, in accordance with the public committee 23 people

  1. It has created a draft ordinance for consideration by the Secretariat
  2. It was compared and autonomy basic regulations of the ordinance and administrative scale of similar Prefecture municipalities

  → The name was decided as "Nagawa Town Residents'Autonomy Basic Ordinance".

(3) held a briefing at each venue

  1. Furumachi council briefing (H27 year 3 month 19 date)
  2. Mayor and autonomous presidency (H27 year 4 month 17 date)
  3. Nagato Elementary School PTA meeting (H27 year 4 month 17 date)
  4. Wada school PTA meeting (H27 year 4 month 21 date)
  5. NAGAWA Probation-correction woman Board joint meeting (H27 year 7 month 31 date)

(4) Consultation at Nagami-cho example case review committee (Heisei 27 year 5 month 13 day held)

※ For the basic policies and schedule, it was consultation by the agency in the network

  1. NAGAWA opinion audience of residents self-government basics regulations, and the consultation was conducted

(5) "Let us consider the residents autonomy!" Held a lecture (March 27 years 7 month 18 Date held)

Mitaka City Affairs Department Mr. policy Legal Division Yoshiharu Ichijo held a lecture invited to lecturer
Mitaka City residents, how to have to do whats lecture sprinkled the case involved in the city of measures.

(6) held a "resident autonomy basics regulations and local creation" district meeting

  1. District meeting Wada (H27 July 27 date)
  2. Nagakubo District Roundtable Meeting (July 27 Day in H31)
  3. Furumachi district meeting (H27 year 8 month 4 date)
  4. Daimon district meeting (H27 year 8 month 5 Date) 88 name of the residents participated. Lively exchange of views took place.

(7) Review Committee 3rd (March 27 years 12 month 17 Date held)

※ council representative, town council representative, town related organizations representative, in accordance with the public committee 23 people

  1. We explained the ordinance proposed for consideration by the Secretariat again
  2. We explained the exchange of opinions and future plans for the ordinance
  3. The ordinance it was recognized as a "NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations (draft)".

Residents autonomy basics regulations (draft) [PDF: 124KB]

Schedule of ◆ NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations - future initiatives - Heisei 28 year

※ in the How to young people and residents, "Let's think about the residents autonomy!" "This Ordinance" be held to be of either fiscal 27 year if me touch on the even lecture, than Ichijo teacher of Mitaka City, the ordinance now the youths to make the main (young generation), how the get touched in the ordinance in the whats the story that is really important. Toshimashite this receiving secretariat, towards this ordinance on the basis of the opinion of at lectures and residents meetings, we believe the following measures.

  1. It will be held Nagawa cooperation 働創 Dejuku
    Residents, NAGAWA fire brigade is the leaders of the region, NPO (also organization similar to variable), town company, will hold a workshop with the main young people, such as government.
  2. Aggregates idea
    Through workshops and opinion exchange meeting, summarized the issued ideas and opinions, in consultation with Review Committee, in the introduction and the body of the regulations, we will incorporate the ideas and opinions.
  3. Public relations and town home, and well known in the town official Facebook
    By publicity Nagawa (2016 May issue) every month, the introduction of the residents self-government basics regulations, we will describe the details of the draft. Also in conjunction with the public relations Nagawa, also in the town website and towns face book will continue to inform the information.

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