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Published 2017 years 11 month 01 Date

Last updated 2018 years 03 month 20 Date

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Application of the hometown tax payment is here!

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Overview of NAGAWA hometown tax payment

To take over until a long time later generations the property, such as town urging development and rich natural and traditional culture, soliciting donations from those who wish the development of the home an attractive have affection for local, I will help in town planning this as a source of revenue you. Thank you for your cooperation of everybody how please.

How to take advantage of donations

The donation, funded in "NAGAWA hometown tax payment funds", pre-donation person to the nextSix "beautiful villages" businessWe selected from the group consisting of, we are devoted to its financial resources. Especially if donation's wish, you can devote to individual businesses that specified otherwise.

For the "beauty of the township" business

  • Forever green "shining" continued peace of township business (living environment)
    Maintaining a beautiful natural environment that is a treasure of Nagatomachi Town, aiming for an environmentally friendly, peaceful and comfortable city through the creation of a recycling-oriented society, we will promote the development of transportation systems, road networks, houses and relaxation places, We will promote the creation of a comfortable and safe town considering disaster prevention, crime prevention and traffic safety, such as aiming to raise awareness that "protect ourselves with ourselves".
  • Toward the future "shining" township business, which cause the local industry (industrial development)
    Taking advantage of location requirements and characteristics, to proceed with the industrial development in harmony with nature. To that end, efforts by taking advantage of tourism resources, support to the development and entrepreneurship and new foray into the human resources responsible for each industry, and consumers taking advantage of promotion, the information communication network of cooperation between the industry with a focus on agriculture and tourism deepening of the relationship, we will and establish a system foundation for genuine support in the production and distribution.
    The Yoda recess hospital aims to related facilities to attract medical and welfare field while the core, and promote youth employment and settlement.
  • "Shining" continue gentle warmth of township business as people (health, welfare, and health care)
    Declining birthrate and nuclear families, in the social advancement of women advance, residents are helping each other in good health, everyone will promote to create an environment that can live in peace.
    So far close cooperation as usual health, welfare and medical care, help each other, people aim a friendly town that shining as a person, strengthening of the medical system that was rooted in the promotion and regional health, the elderly and people with disabilities, all of the residents, such as children and strive to enhance the welfare that can be peace of mind.
  • Township business to nurture a "shining" of ancient (education and culture)
    "Town development is human development" and promote education to nurture a rich mind stretched out the individuality of children. The importance of nature in the region, the recognition of the importance of the history, traditions and culture, aims to raise awareness of the local industry, become the school, home and regions together, will train the children to be proud of the home.
    To a source of vitality and to enrich the human mind, purpose in life full of lifelong learning and lifelong sports promotion of each other teaching learn together, and, we will work to develop human resources.
  • Township business of smile and the smile is mutual support "shining" (cooperation of residents and administrative)
    Residents By participating actively in community activities and exchange projects, promoting the administration that office and the residents together, adults and children, men and women strive sympathy live Murrell so with respect to town planning you. Organization development, such as community participation can be easily, to proceed with the administrative management by the joint responsibility of the residents. With further encourage inter-regional exchanges, while the aim of the formation of men and women in all activities is equally participate gender-equal society, and advances the efficient and effective administrative management.
  • International exchange project utilizing historical heritage of "Ya-ku" area (international exchange)
    We will promote exchanges centering on the history and culture of each other with Setford and the Breckland Region of Norfolk State in the UK with a historical culture similar to the historical culture of Nagato Town including Black Yellow Stone. Junior and senior high school students who studied the history of the local community exchanged with young people of the same generation of the UK as "Ambassador of Changwon Youth Kai Yao Stone", communicated the culture of Nagato Town to the general citizens of the UK, and through the homestay etc. British culture And get the opportunity to learn the significance and enjoyment of learning English. As the residents of Changwa Town, including the children who will be responsible for the next generation, touches the cultures rooted in different environments and history of other countries and experiences human exchange, it is the opportunity to look to the world and to review the region , We will lead to human resources development that goes beyond generations and attractive town planning.

For thanks of goods    

With feeling of gratitude than NAGAWA, we will send you a thank-you products. Of goodsDetailed content is catalog orSpecial item page for thank-you itemsfor detail.

Furusato Tax Catalog Cover

Special item page for thank-you items

Your Comments

Donation amount

Nagatomachi Encouragement A Course

1 item per 5,000 yen

Nagato Town Encouragement B Course

1 item per 50,000 yen

【Points to remember】

※ You can select up to 3 items of thank you with one donation.

* Combinations of items of thanks will be free as long as they do not exceed the donation amount.

※ thank you of goods after the check donation delivery, will be shipped as soon as it is ready of skill in the art.

※ If I am to choose 3 dishes you from A course, we will be shipped for each trader there is a variation in the commodity arrival date and time.

※ will inform personal information (address, name, phone number) to skilled in the art. Please note.

Gifts catalog [PDF: 11MB]

Thank goods catalog (A course) [PDF: 5MB]

Thank goods catalog (B course) [PDF: 5MB]

Accommodation auxiliary ticket handling facilities list [PDF: 171KB]

For one-stop special system

[What is the one-stop special system? ]

• Normally, in order to receive the deduction of income tax and individual resident tax, you need to do the tax return the following year, which was the hometown tax payment. However, for a stated condition is satisfied donation person than fiscal 27 years 4 month, special procedures to receive the required tax return deduction (hometown tax payment one-stop special system) has been founded. Please check conditions that are subject is well below.

• This system performs an application to the local government donation's donation destination (NAGAWA), donations of local government (NAGAWA) is, to be acting on behalf of the credit application to the city of domicile of such a person in is a system that can receive a deduction of personal residence tax.

• If you are a tax return, you will receive the relief from income tax and individual inhabitant tax, but, in the case of one-stop special application, deduction of the donation, including a reduction equivalent amount of income tax, all the following year of the residents tax deduction since the place is in, there is no income tax refund.

[One-stop special system subject to the terms and conditions]

(If you meet all of the following will be of interest.)

○ that final return is unnecessary salary earners, etc.

○ thing hometown tax payment destination organization is within 5 organizations

[Procedures Methods

1.) Preparation of "declaration special application form in accordance with the donation tax credit."

For those who have just signed up for the time of application hometown tax payment donation we will send you in the enclosed and receipt. If you do not at hand, you can also print from the home page.

2.) Fill in the "declaration special application form in accordance with the donation tax credit."

The entry example to reference, please fill in the necessary information. Please note that there is no leakage.

3.) ready to hand the other required documents

With the My number introduction of 2016 years, it is now essential to mail a copy of the "personal number verification of documents" and "identification documents" for spoofing prevention along with the application form. In accordance with the Mai number receiving situation of your own, please be prepared to hand the documents in the following table.

[Machine-dependent character "personal number card"

If you have a

[Machine-dependent character "notification card"

If you have a

[Machine-dependent character "personal number card"

"Notification Card"

If both do not have a

personal number

Of confirmation


A copy of the back of the personal number card

A copy of the notification card

Personal number have been described

A copy of the resident's card


Of confirmation


Copy of the table of the personal number card

Copy of following any of the ID card

·Driver's license

- Driving career certificate

· Passport (passport)

- Physical disability certificate

And mental disability health welfare notebook

· Nursing notebook

• Residual card

- Special permanent resident certificate

Photos are displayed ※, name, date of birth and address to copy so you can see

Copy of following any of the ID card

·Driver's license

- Driving career certificate

· Passport (passport)

- Physical disability certificate

And mental disability health welfare notebook

· Nursing notebook

• Residual card

- Special permanent resident certificate

Photos are displayed ※, name, date of birth and address to copy so you can see

※ detailed and content related to my number, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for confirmation and identification of other numbers.

4.) mail and other required documents as a "declaration special application form in accordance with the donation tax credit."

When you are ready for application form and other required documents, please submit by mail to NAGAWA.

※ because seal is required, it can not be submitted by FAX or mail.

※ If there is a change in the unlikely event application form Matters (change of address change, donation amount · etc) is,Declaration special application matters change notificationPlease note that the submission will be mandatory.

Application forms, etc. Download

Nagato-machi home town tax donation contribution [PDF: 251KB]

Donation application form [PDF: 58KB]

Application form for declaration on donation tax credit deduction [PDF: 2MB]

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